Phil Southam, under the username BruteAlmighty, used to be a member of the Yogscast and half of FyreUK, along with Matt. Phil, Matt, and the FyreUK build team build huge Minecraft builds that they turn into time-lapses for their YouTube channel.

Previously he worked as a Content Producer and Minecraft Designer for the Yogscast in-house at YogTowers. He left his position with The Yogscast in late 2014 to become a Content Coordinator at Multiplay but has kept a strong working relationship with Yogscast members due to the conventions he helps run at Multiplay. He rarely plays Minecraft anymore and FyreUK officially closed on October 1, 2016.


Both Phil and Matt are the authors of one of the official Minecraft handbooks, the "Minecraft: Construction Handbook." Upon its release, it was the best selling children's book for many weeks. In October 2014, Phil and Matt gave presentations about the process of writing the book and Minecraft in general at the Bath and Cheltenham Literary festivals.

Inside the Construction Handbook, you can find everything from beginner to advanced level building techniques as well as helpful tips and detailed images of impressive builds in Minecraft. Phil and Matt also supplied additional text and imagery in the other handbooks in the series.


  • Phil used to be a Content Producer for the Yogscast and a Minecraft Designer for them too, meaning he created builds in Minecraft for their many series such as YogLabs
  • Phil and Matt were guests of episode 175 of The Shaft
  • Phil and Matt call their subscribers "Fyreflies"

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