Platform Hindenburg (also known as The Hindenburg, The Hindendonger or simply the Platform) is the new dirt factory being developed by Sips and Sjin in their Series "Sipsco Dirt Factory."


At the very bottom, in a pool of water, is a quarry powered by coal, or Stirling, engines. The main floor consists of a flax and wheat farm, and a storage area with a looped piping system.  These pipes also line the bridge leading toward the platform which is entered via ladder.  The indoors area contains: Sips and Sjin's beds, three chests, two furnaces, a crafting table, and a Jukebox (Currently their only disk is "ward.") Above this there is an attic with mushrooms growing. This is currently used for nothing. A double-quarry-output system has been built by Sjin in the Maceration hut, which is powered by windmills. There is an extension of a small wood pad. They have a mining robot which lives outside. There is also a 6-chest storage and a Wheat and Flax farm.

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