Pokémon Go is an augmented-reality game developed and published by Niantic. It was released on iOS and Android devices worldwide from July 6, 2016, first being released in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.


  • Sjin released a video on the day of the game's release in the UK showing gameplay of Pokémon Go as well as his first impressions of the game overall. He's on Team Valor.
  • Hat Films also released a video showing gameplay of the game as they walked around Bristol. Ross' on Team Valor, Smith's Team Instinct and Trott's on Team Mystic.
  • Martyn has created multiple videos showing his experiences with the game, as well as tips and tricks for the game. He's on Team Mystic.
  • Hannah is on Team Mystic.
  • Kim is on Team Valor.
  • Duncan is on Team Mystic.

Episode GuideEdit

YOGSCAST Martyn — Pokémon Go
Video Name Table yt
Pokemon Go Gameplay - GLITCHED GYM BATTLE?! Watch
Pokemon GO Tricks + Tips! (Beginners Guide) Watch
Pokemon GO Gameplay - 10KM EGG HATCH + EVOLVING LOTS!! Watch
Pokemon GO Gym Battle 3v1, 10km Egg + Making Friends!! Watch
Pokemon GO Gameplay - WILD STARTERS + EGG HATCHES! Watch
Pokemon GO Gameplay - SO MANY LURES + GYMS AFTER DARK Watch
Pokemon GO Road Trip - Bath "Licky Park!" Watch
Pokemon GO - How To Record, Eevee Evolutions + More Tips! Watch
Pokemon GO Road Trip - Portsmouth "SHOCKING DISCOVERIES!" Watch
Pokemon GO At A Theme Park! (Port Aventura, Spain) Watch
Pokemon GO Update 0.31.0 + Sun/Moon Alola Reaction! Watch
Pokemon GO: NEW Tracker, Sightings + More Alola Forms?! Watch
Pokemon GO: Pokedex Entry Challenge (vs. Caffcast) Watch
Pokemon GO Buddy System Revealed! Watch
Pokemon GO Buddy Update - All Candies + Easter Egg! Watch
Pokemon GO Plus - Unboxing + Guide! Watch
Pokemon GO - Hunting For Tauros In California! Watch
Pokemon GO Valentines Day (WEEK!) Event Watch
Pokemon GO: Generation 2 Releasing THIS WEEK?! Watch
Tap! Best iOS and Android Games — Pokémon Go
Video Name Table yt
POKEMON GO Tips from the Yogscast! Watch
POKEMON GO! Matt`s Pidgey Quest! Watch
YOGSCAST Kim — Pokémon Go
Video Name Table yt
Pokémon Go PLUS! Watch
Sjin — Pokémon Go
Video Name Table yt
Pokemon Go Gameplay - Catching Pokemon Around YogTowers! Watch
Pokemon Go Gameplay - MARTYN GYM BATTLE! Watch
Pokemon Go Gameplay - Tips, Tricks and Gym Guides! Watch
Pokemon Go Gameplay - Hatching 10K Egg and Incubation Guide! Watch
Pokemon Go Gameplay - Radar Guide, Catching GLOOM & PIKACHU! Watch
Pokemon Go - CATCH ANY POKEMON! Watch
Pokemon Go Plus Unboxing! Watch
Pokemon Go Plus Unboxing! Watch
Hat Films — Pokémon Go
Video Name Table yt
BebopVox YOGSCAST — Pokémon Go
Video Name Table yt
PoGo: POKEMON GO with drones & more! - THE SERIES! Watch