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Poland is a playable civilization in the Brave New World expansion pack for Civilization V.

As Lewis (Season 1)Edit

Poland was founded by Lewis in 4000 BC. Originally encompassing the small city of Warsaw (which was later renamed, Delicje and developed into a sprawling metropolis), within the next few years it developed into a force to be reckoned with, in no small part due to Lewis's many construction projects for World Wonders, the founding of the religion Sausage Worship, and Lewis taking advantage of the Polish Unique Ability, Solidarity, which granted him free social policies for each new technological era the empire entered, this enabling him to make more wonders.

Finally, in the 1800s, Poland had grown to be the most technologically-advanced civ in the world. The other players, taking notice, began plotting and began stealing technologies from Polish cities. However, by then, Lewis had developed tanks, and when Duncan's India and Rythian's Sweden declared war, the invading Indian musketmen and Swedish Caroleans were driven back by Polish tanks, destroyers and winged hussars. Poland then invaded India, swiftly capturing the capital, City of Dongs, then capturing and razing the cities of Vajayna and Sack of Balls, before seizing the Swedish capital Malmö. Lewis also invaded Sjin's Shoshone Empire with paratroopers and more tanks, capturing the cities of Baba Helpme and Threegemsheepy, which also gave him access to uranium for nuclear weapons. He razed Baba Helpme, but made the city of Warsaw were the Uranium was.

Finally, the Polish Empire proved itself as supreme over all other civs with the nuclear attack on the new Swedish capital, New Malmö, and the Battle of Lel Shitkids, which brought Sips's Venetian Empire, the last obstacle in Polish world domination, to its knees.

List of cities Edit

Season 1Edit

  • Delicje (capital; formerly Warsaw)
  • Krakower (formerly Krakow)
  • Lodz of Sausage (formerly Lodz)
  • Frankfurter (formerly Wroclaw)
  • Warsaw
  • City of Dongs (annexed from India; formerly Delhi)
  • Vajayna (annexed from India; later razed; formerly Vijayanagara)
  • Sack of Balls (annexed from India; later razed; formerly Lund)
  • Malmö (annexed from Sweden)
  • Baba Helpme (annexed from the Shoshone; later razed; formerly Te-Moak)
  • Threegemsheepy (annexed from the Shoshone; formerly Moson Kahni)
  • Lel Shitkids (annexed from Venice; formerly Venice)

Season 7Edit

  • Erathia (capital; formerly Warsaw)
  • Avlee