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Usernames/Aliases Poopfeast420
Gender Male
Current Member? No
Poopfeast420 is a Yognau(gh)t who repeatedly donated to the goat Christmas charity fundraising event organised by the Yogscast. In honour of the donator, Sips named his newborn child after him.

Lewis, Sips, and Simon discussed the naming of Poopfeast420 in the second episode of 'Question Time with Sips'.

Poopfeast420 later donated and commented on Honeydew's Honey Drive, asking how Sips' son was going.


  • The original Yognau(gh)t might have acquired his name from a famous incident in 2010 involving Starcraft II professional commentator Artosis, in which an audience member gave his name as "Poopfeast420" ( to ask an otherwise innocent question.
  • 4/20 is the date in which people in North America smoke marijuana/cannabis advocating the legalisation of cannabis.
  • Poopfeast420 is a banquet of fecal matter on the 20th of April.
  • Note: as seen in his several Tekkit series' with Sjin, Sips seems to be very intrigued with the consumption of poo and feces.
  • Poopfeast420 is most likely not the child's name, hence the text above the analysis.
  • His birthday is December 2nd.
  • His manners are excellent for a child of his age, as he rejected another round of the Postman Pat theme tune from Sips with a "No Thank You".
  • He owns an imaginary ice cream truck.
  • He thinks his neighbor lives in a shopping cart.
  • He is currently betrothed to Mark Turpin's unborn daughter.


  • "Dota"
  • "l2p noob"
  • "The Bob"
  • "Bye Dad!"
  • "Doggies"
  • "No thank you"
  • "Presents?"
  • "Get out!"


Question Time with Sips - Episode 2 - Poopfeast 42009:40

Question Time with Sips - Episode 2 - Poopfeast 420

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