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Poopfeast420 is a Yognau(gh)t who repeatedly donated to the goat Christmas charity fundraising event organised by the Yogscast. In honour of the donator, Sips named his newborn child after him.

Lewis, Sips, and Simon discussed the naming of Poopfeast420 in the second episode of 'Question Time with Sips'.

Poopfeast420 later donated and commented on Honeydew's Honey Drive, asking how Sips' son was going.


  • His name is not actually Poopfeast420
  • His birthday is December 2nd, and he was born in 2011.


Question Time with Sips - Episode 2 - Poopfeast 42009:40

Question Time with Sips - Episode 2 - Poopfeast 420

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