Porkins, also known as the Innocent Piglet, is a pig that accompanied Simon and Lewis on their adventure to recover the last potato in existence, stolen by Prince Ekke Dorleac.

After Simon and Lewis rescued a piglet from Prince Dorleac's prison, the piglet joined the duo hoping to escape the prison. During the adventure, the piglet grew up and received the name Porkins by Simon, who assumed that Porkins was male.

Porkins is also seemingly immortal, surviving a swim in lava and being on fire for a number of moments as well as falling down a cliff face and somehow landing safely.

On escaping the prison, Simon and Lewis came upon a small island village, in which a family of pigs lived. The family apparently had lost a child. Simon guessed that Porkins was the child and returned him/her to his/her family. 

When Lewis (Xephos) and Simon (Honeydew) did chapter 2 they thought Prince Dorleac killed Porkins but it turned out that an oink oink message was actually sent by Porkins himself.

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