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High Rollers D&D: Enter the world of Arrak with the Lightfall Campaign! A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game with Dungeon Master: Mark Hulmes, Trott as Cam, Kim as Jiutóu, Katie as Elora & Matt as Trellimar!

Live on Twitch on Sundays from 5pm GMT/BST.

Latest Episode

HighRollers OneShot Horror of Overlook Inn
The Horror of Overlook Inn - HighRollers D&D: One Shot

A group of ghost investigators are called upon by the owner of Overlook Inn to investigate the recent haunting within the compound, which resulted in two deaths. However, as they investigate further, they stumble upon gruesome discoveries and, later, a horrible truth behind the haunting.


Learn more about the series

All artworks by Nina-Serena. Map of Arrak by Mark Hulmes.

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