How will you rebuild a world destroyed by a celestial comet?
Or can you save your soul before death takes it away forever?
Join us as Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes guides Trott, Kim, Katie and Tom Hazell through the world of High Rollers D&D, a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game.

HighRollers: Lightfall, live on Yogscast Twitch every Sunday from 5pm BST
HighRollers: Dead Reckoning, live on D&D Twitch every Wednesday from 6pm BST

Latest Episodes

HighRollersLF Portal 2
Episode 58

Our heroes get a visit from Princess Fellania, who demands them to have the Council surrender to her or be ready to face the onslaught of her army.

HighRollers Dead Reckoning Logo
Episode 1

The HighRollers crew gather around to create their characters to be used for the campaign.

HighRollers OneShot HighRollers Live
HighRollers Live! (May 2017)

Our adventurers will be sent to a masquerade ball being held by a powerful noble figure in the dazzling city of Waterdeep. But they are not there to eat canapes and drink cocktails, they are tasked to reclaim a powerful demonic artifact and solve a few mysteries before the day is done.

Our Heroes



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Past Campaigns

HighRollers UT Portal

Based on Dungeons & Dragons' Tomb of Annihilaton, our heroes venture to the island of Chult in seeking of treasures and ancient artifacts.

All artworks by Nina-Serena. Map of Arrak by Mark Hulmes.

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