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High Rollers D&D: Enter the world of Arrak with the Lightfall Campaign! A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game with Dungeon Master: Mark Hulmes, Trott as Cam, Kim as Jiutóu, Katie as Elora & Matt as Trellimar!

Live on Twitch on Sundays from 5pm GMT/BST.

Latest Episode

Never Fear, Reynard's Here! - HighRollers D&D: Episode 41

Cam left to settle certain matters, leaving Elora and Jiǔtóu to temporary partner with the government-hired Reynard Ferahorn, whom they soon found out to be flamboyant and annoying. The trio are then tasked to investigate Velderbann, a dwarven settlement, as there has been reports that the Broken Sky is terrorising the town. Once there, however, the trio soon find themselves in trouble...


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High Rollers D&D: Mark Hulmes Multiverse
Planes of Existence
Material Planes Surface (Arrak) • FeywildShadowfell
Inner Planes Elemental Planes (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) • Elemental Chaos
Outer Planes Acheron • Arborea • Arcadia • Bytopia • Carceri • Elysium • Hades • Gehanna • Mechanus • Mount Celestia • Limbo • Pandemonium • The Abyss • The Beastlands • The Nine Hells of Baator • Ysgard
Transitive Planes Astral Plane • Ethereal Plane
Other Planes Demiplanes (Fenris' Lair, Shambler Temple) • Far Realm • Outlands (Sigil)
Continent of Arrak
Countries and
BresserasDawn RepublicTroubled LandsUnbroken EmpireUnderdark
Elven Spires Spire of the MoonSpire of the SunSpire of SpringSpire of SummerSpire of Eternal AutumnSpire of Winter
Country of Dawn Republic
Talis'Val (capital) Districts: Artisan's RestDawn SquareGuild QuarterJourneyman's RunOld Temple WayThe StacksWhisper's Walk
Key Locations: Black Valley BreweryChampion's HoldMasons' Guild HallTemple of KordTemple of TharizdunUnicorn's Patch
Feyden (village) Dimitriv's ShopHorse StableLumber YardMarshal OfficeOaken Wagon
Tallfield (village) Abandoned FarmsteadAlabaster CaskKingswood FarmMarshal OfficeOld WindmillRuined Manor
Longwood Forest Camp of Darkscar ClanSpire of Eternal AutumnTemple of Melora
Other Settlements Former Capital: Firstlight
Towns: Aramount, Briarcrest, Fallcliff, Greybell, Melody, Wickport
Villages: Burkley, Damrick's Rest, Downford, Longdale, Newlight, Redcrop
Other Places of Interest Elven BarrowNecromancer's TowerRuined WatchtowerShard Lake
Country of Troubled Lands
Frost Giant LandsHallow (frontier town) • Monastery of BahamutSpire of Winter
Super-region of Underdark
Garden of Stones Drow EnclaveGloom (village) • Grimfang's Keep
Other Regions Aramount Mining FacilityTemple of Dah'Mir
High Rollers D&D: Characters, NPCs & Factions
AvandraBahamutCorellon LarethianDah'MirErathisLolthMeloraPelorSehanine Moonbow
The Adventurers CamEloraGranamyrJiǔtóuTrellimar
Friends of Korak ElfusFrancisKorak Real name: AdrikRal'Ma
The Four Drows Zaylin (leader) • NixXanYylwis
Major Factions
Broken Sky
Cloud Palace (HQ) Princess Fellania
Briarcrest Denin (leader)
Feyden Riss (leader) • DimitrivRena and Yuli
Talis'Val Varesh (leader) • Victoria (sub-leader) • BraceCallidusEthesHoraceIrathaxWald
Velderbarn Gregor (commanding officer) • Roger
Burning King
Viticus (leader) • Takbar
Council of Elves
Spire of the Moon King AlfadonQueen AlethaPrincess Elora
Spire of Autumn Queen ShalanaCommander PaylaLieutenant TorwenAmris
Spire of Winter King SelandrisQueen MalisendalPrince DaphemirPrincess SylvalPrince NalistriCommander ValenCaptain UralLady ReyanPalto
Other Spires Spire of the SunSpire of SpringSpire of Summer
Government of the Dawn Republic
and its Advisers
Adrik, also Korak the ChampionAmbassadors (Afelard) • CassandraFather RisanMournravens (Sir Jonathan) • Order of the Burning Lanterns (Sister Superior Annabelle)
Council of Guilds GM = Guild Master/Mistress, DGM = Deputy GM, FGM = Former GM
Alchemists and Brewers (FGM Franco) • Artists and Jewellers (GM Giles) • Carpenters (GM Ellen) • Cookery (GM Rosie) • Masons (GM Kirkwall, DGM Relenda) • Potters and Glass (GM Vincent) • Smiths and Miners (GM Malia) • Varied Merchants (GM Merci, FGM Sabbatha)
Council of Wizards Abjuration • Conjuration • Divination • Enchantment • Evocation • Illusion (Arvan) • Necromancy • Transmutation
Law & Security Head of Security (Commander Durmont) • City Watch (5th Regiment, Lieutenant Barris, Officer Merrik, Jasmina) • Guilded ArmsMarshal Society
Minor Factions
Dawn Republic
Feyden (residents) Rika Flamewind (de-facto leader) • Brother WaldDulgrimOswyn
Greybell The Bucklands (Amelia, Cam, Keran, Mirela, Roland)
Longwood Forest (residents) Darkscar Clan (Falk, Morgus, Raxxus, Others) • Green Hunter
Talis'Val (residents) CuneEnoranFenwickFinnyKariLao, Lee and ShengLobenMadame EvaThe Ferehorns (Reynard, Reynard's Uncle) • The Glimmersteins (Dalia, Galin) • Trixania
Tallfield (residents) Marshal CalvinDahnnaNanny BonesSmiles
Others Aramount (Rekzan) • Burkley (Marshal Fredrika) • Velderbarn (Ethan)
Elven Barrow (Ayandris, Gulthia, Renwyn, Tomas)
Troubled Lands (residents)
Frost Giants Spherior (Howl) • Jarl • Soothsayer
Hallow Sheriff Macklin
Monastery of Bahamut Lady AmirilithFang Captain Siliska
Powder Beards Dulgrim
Underdark (residents)
Drow Houses Aleath (Trellimar) • Kalex (Matron Kalex, Tatyana) • Kel (Matron Vixanis, Vixanis, Xandar, Zolary) • Relliv (Horix)
Garden of Stones Gloom (Bork, Gurli) • Grimfang Clan (Queen Sharisa, Fandrel, Reznak)
Others Captain BumhookTharizdun
Other Planes & Regions
Bresseras (King Korak, Jiǔtóu)
Arborea (Master Guanyin, Tanos) • Feywild (Cenaria, Fenris) • Shadowfell (Shambler, Zachary) • Others (Salah)

All artworks by Nina-Serena. Map of Arrak by Mark Hulmes.

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