Enter the world of Arrak with the Lightfall Campaign! A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game with Dungeon Master: Mark Hulmes, Trott as Cam, Kim as Jiutóu, Katie as Elora & Matt as Trellimar!

HighRollers: Lightfall, live on Twitch every Sunday from 5pm BST
HighRollers: Uncharted Territory, live on Twitch every Friday from 8pm BST

Latest Episodes

HighRollers LF Portal
Episode 53: Welcome to New Light

Our heroes head to New Light to gather information on the missing lightborn children.

HighRollers UT Portal
Episode 4

Our heroes attend an auction to obtain the Heart of Ub'Tao but another party won the bid, leading to a standoff between them and her, as well as Laskilar Flisk.

HighRollers OneShot HighRollers Live
HighRollers Live!

our adventurers will be sent to a masquerade ball being held by a powerful noble figure in the dazzling city of Waterdeep. But they are not there to eat canapes and drink cocktails, they are tasked to reclaim a powerful demonic artifact and solve a few mysteries before the day is done.

Our Heroes



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All artworks by Nina-Serena. Map of Arrak by Mark Hulmes.

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