High Rollers D&D: Enter the world of Arrak with the Lightfall Campaign! A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game with Dungeon Master: Mark Hulmes, Trott as Cam, Kim as Jiutóu, Katie as Elora & Matt as Trellimar!

Live on Twitch on Sundays from 5pm GMT/BST.

Latest Episodes

LIGHTFALL: Episode 49 - HighRollers Live from Seattle!

Along the way while heading back to Talis'Val, our heroes stumble upon a small village where a show mimicking them, particularly at Cam, is to be played in the evening. However, with warnings from Viathan, the village might come under attack by someone within Cam's family.

HighRollers OneShot Uncharted Territory V2

A group of archaeologists fight to fend against the undead of Atan's Tomb. However, there is a betrayer amongst them.

HighRollers OneShot HighRollers Live
ONE-SHOT: HighRollers Live!

our adventurers will be sent to a masquerade ball being held by a powerful noble figure in the dazzling city of Waterdeep. But they are not there to eat canapes and drink cocktails, they are tasked to reclaim a powerful demonic artifact and solve a few mysteries before the day is done.


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All artworks by Nina-Serena. Map of Arrak by Mark Hulmes.

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