The Lizard Wizard

Princess Leia is Sips' character in his Skyrim series. Princess Leia is a female lizard wizard prostitute who focuses on magic and ranged combat instead of melee combat.  She has two loyal companions, Uthgerd the Unbroken and Satan (the flame atronach) and recently J'zargo. Together they are the Triforce. Satan has since been replaced with Satan 2.0 (the Bound Dremora).The Triforce has recently been replaced by the "Guyforce" and includes J'zargo and Satan 2.0 as Princess Leia's loyal companions. She is also known as the Dragonborn and the Bucket Murderer. Princess Leia's middle name is damage, however it is unknown if this was a joke towards Arnial Gane, who didn't want Leia to destroy his work.

College of WinterholdEdit

After defeating the dragon in Whiterun Princess Leia traveled north to reach Winterhold after being informed from multiple people about the college. She took part in multiple quests which include:

Near the end of the questline, Princess Leia was forced to travel to Labyrinthian, to obtain the Staff of Magnus. She retrieved it (and an amazing mask) after defeating the dragon priest Morekei (the Dragon Priest of Sassiness). She returned to the college and defeated Ancano (Anaconda) from completing his plan. Princess Leia was then made Arch Mage of the college by Tolfdir, replacing the late Savos Aren (known by Leia as Old Beardo).

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