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Prof. Brightmeer is an employee at YogLabs, and appears to be in the field of bodily reconstruction/plastic surgery.


Prof. Brightmeer is a pale, bald man. He appears to have sustained an injury to his left eye, and as such has been left with a serious scar and wearing something to cover his injury. After Simon's trip on Red Sweets, he was in charge of his reconstruction and recovery. 

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Post recovery

During Simon's procedure, Brightmeer had him go through numerous grafts and upgrades to his skeleton, resulting in his new face. He had also put Lewis through the same procedure, giving them both increased abilities and motions. These procedures and recoveries took approximately two weeks.

Brightmeer appears to be a dry and pessimistic man, doubting Simon's survival during the recovery. Miraculously, after giving him a rush of adrenaline, Simon had woken up, and proceeded to go through physical therapy.



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