Punch Club is a fighter sim/tycoon style game where you take the reins of an aspiring fighter with a troubled past. You direct his training and lifestyle as you progress through his career as amateur fighter and unravel a mysterious storyline. The fighting mechanics are automated, but you guide your fighter's progress and tactics. It has a great looking retro pixel art graphic style akin to many of the great games of the SNES era. Part of its charm is all the references to cult favorites and pop culture.


  • Lewis and Sips have been playing the game on the Team Double Dragon channel.
  • Duncan and Lewis have played the game on the weekly livestreams in January 2016.
  • Duncan has also played the game by himself.
  • Sjin has played the game as a part of his Sjindie Games series.

Episode GuideEdit

YogscastLive — Punch Club
Video Name Table yt
Punch Club! w/ Duncan & Lewis - 14th January 2016 Watch
PUNCH CLUB w/ Rythian! - 11th July 2016 Watch
TeamDoubleDragon — Punch Club
Video Name Table yt
Punch Club - Street Fighter - PART #1 Watch
Punch Club - Babby`s First Fight - PART #2 Watch
Punch Club - Lottery Rant - PART #3 Watch
Punch Club - Condom Talk - PART #4 Watch
Punch Club - Night Recording - PART #5 Watch
Punch Club - Bad Ideas - PART #6 Watch
Punch Club - Funerals - PART #7 Watch
Punch Club - Weddings - PART #8 Watch
Punch Club - Soulmates - PART #9 Watch
Punch Club - Millenials - PART #10 Watch
Punch Club - Abilities - PART #11 Watch
Punch Club - TV Shows - PART #12 Watch
Punch Club - Binman - PART #13 Watch
Punch Club - Prison Talk - PART #14 Watch
Punch Club - Pensions - PART #15 Watch
Punch Club - Emotional Rollercoaster - PART #16 Watch
Sjin — Punch Club
Video Name Table yt
Punch Club (Sjindie Games) Watch
Duncan — Punch Club
Video Name Table yt
Punch Club #1 - A NEW FIGHTER Watch
Punch Club #2 - ULTIMATE FIGHTS Watch
Punch Club #4 - ROY & CHILL Watch

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