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Pyrion Flax
Real Name Edward Forsyth
Usernames/Aliases Ted, Pyrion Flax, Pyrion, PFlax, Tedhimself
YouTube Channel Pyrion Flax, Pyrion Flax (2)
Gender Male
Nationality British
Current Member? Yes
Member Since January 14th, 2014
Working at YogTowers? No
Occupation YouTube Content Producer at Yogscast Ltd

Ted Forsyth, aka Pyrion Flax, is a YouTuber who has begun playing against multiple Yogscast members in a game of Civilization V: Brave New World. He was also part of the 2013 Christmas Livestream during Parv's Dota 2 Stream. He announced that he had joined the Yogscast on 14th January 2014.

Pyrion Flax is primarily known for streaming Dota 2 and making humorous "guides" to characters and game mechanics in Dota 2. Pyrion has also made several Dota 2 rap parodies .


  • Pyrion lives in Twickenham, London.
  • "Pyrion Flax" is sometimes shortened to "PFlax"
  • Pyrion supports AFC Bournemouth.
  • Pyrion calls his fans and followers 'the Flaxulence'.
  • Pyrion was a fellow goon, like the original Yogscast members and TotalBiscuit.
  • His birthday is March 29th.
  • He was originally going to participate in the 5th Civilization V game that The Yogscast have played, but he had to drop out at the last minute, leaving Tom Clark in his place.
  • Pyrion was a guest of The Shaft on episode 177.
  • Pyrion once did a promotional video of the MOBA game, Strife from the developers of Heroes of Newerth with TotalBiscuit.
  • He helped host the most recent Dota 2 International championships.
  • Pyrion was the guest on the 61st episode of the Co-Optional Podcast along with TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox.
  • Pyrion used to work on a psychic television show with Colin Fry



  • "Yeah, you fucking died, nerd!"
  • "Stay away from "My Balls" and "My Wife"!

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