The Quantum Time Dilation Dial is a time machine from Sips and Sjin's Ninjas and Spacemen series.


The Quantum Time Dilation Dial is a time machine that came into the possession of Orange Spaceman and Blue Spaceman around the time of Orange eating an ambassador.

The device was used by Orange and Blue to try to escape from the situation, but it ended up sending the Burrito Bushido and Orange Ninja into the future. The device finally work and sent Orange, Blue, and their spaceship into the past, but the crashed into the Orange Ninja's Client who refused to die in till he gets his revenge. The crash kills the client, but when Orange and Blue jump out Orange begins eating the Clients remains. Blue thinking the planets edible begins to eat the remains in till he sees the Client's decapitated head and says he hates Orange. Orange then activates the Dial again to send them to another point in time.


Time Travel

  • Able to send user and other the user wants to different points in time.
  • Able to send people from other points into other points in time, whether the user does wants to or not.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • First appeared in the Ninjas series, but is used by the characters from the Spacemen series.

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