Quick Time! is a series where Hannah explores games by having 'quick' look at a particular game. Each game is usually played for an hour, which is condensed down to a 30-minute video. The series is similar to Martyn's Have A Gander, Hat Films' Havin' A Bash and Sips' An Evening With Sips, which all enable more feedback from viewers who may want to see more of the game in a series. Hannah has noted that if there is an overwhelming need for continuation by the viewers, she would consider doing a full playthrough.

Episode GuideEdit

Quick Time!
Video Name Table yt
Mirror`s Edge: Catalyst - Quick Time! Watch
The Technomancer - Quick Time! (Serum Collection Sim) Watch
System Shock - Quick Time! (BRAND NEW DEMO!) Watch
Inside Gameplay - Quick Time! (XBOX ONE) Watch
The Last Look - SPOOPY Gameplay Demo! (Quick Time) Watch
Medusa`s Labyrinth - Quick Time! Watch
Welcome to the Game - Quick Time! Watch
Room 404 - Quick Time! Watch
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - NEW GAMEPLAY! (PC) Watch
We Happy Few - Quicktime Watch
Elder Scrolls Legends - Versus Gameplay! Watch
Elder Scrolls Legends - Basic Gameplay/UI Guide! Watch
Abzû - FULL GAME! Watch
Lethe: Episode 1 - Spooping Myself Watch
Bound Gameplay (PS4) Watch
Niche - Genetics Survival! (QUICK TIME) Watch
The House Abandon - An Interactive Horror Adventure (QUICK TIME) Watch
World of Warships (QUICK TIME) #AD Watch
FLASHING YOUR BITS! - Intensive Exposure (QUICK TIME) Watch