Radio Sparkles is a room on Soundrop which runs via Spotify created by Sparkles* where you can listen, chat with him and other fans, and add music to the public playlist. This radio is in real time, with what Sparkles* is listening to at that point in time. 

Admins of the Soundrop room are; Sparkles* and Abi Haines.

Note: Soundrop has, as of 31 December 2014, stopped its service. This means that Radio Sparkles* is no longer available.


  • 11:11PM (GMT) - Area 11 Track
  • 11:30PM (GMT) - Smooth Jazz
  • 11:33PM (GMT) - Sparkles* or other Admin Album Choice

Album ChoiceEdit

This is a segment where Sparkles* (or another Administrator if he is not available) chooses what album will be played, these have been:

Smooth JazzEdit

At 11:30 every night, Sparkles* deploys Smooth Jazz, just like he did in the Christmas Livestreams. 

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