Rainbow Fortress is Sips and Sjin's base of operations in their Minecraft series Cheat Police.

Layout and DesignEdit

The Rainbow Fortress was originally referred to as The Throne Of Justice eluding to the fact it was nothing more than a giant toilet, though Sips and Sjin always pretended to be ignorant of this. It sits high atop a hill next to the ruins of the old Sipsco Dirt Factory. The Throne Of Justice was later surrounded by high walls with battlements and towers, creating the Rainbow Fortress. ICBM Turrets line the battlements to defend the base.

Sips and Sjin's giant stone heads are built into the cliff below the fortress, both of which have coloured liquid cascading from their mouths. Smaller statues of Sips and Sjin are located above this at the start of a walkway, which leads to a fountain to the Throne Of Justice. To each side of this fountain is a row of trees of transformation and behind them gardens of uranium plant. The plants cause radiation poisoning to anyone standing too close, even to Sips and Sjin while in creative mode.

Rooms are constructed inside the hollowed-out hill, the uppermost of which is a library. The library entrance is protected by a huge metal door and holds details and evidence for all the cheating criminals. At the back of the library is a reading room, with a large fireplace and a giant aquarium built into the wall.

Below the library is the train station for the train travelling to Candy Town and on to the Execution Grounds. The word "Justice" is written on the wall in glowstone, but due to poor planning, the letter J did not fit so a sign with "J" written on it was used instead as a placeholder.

In the final episode Minecraft - Ole! - Cheat Police #27 Sips and Sjin begin work on their living quarters, a huge tower that sits on top of an even higher hill to the side of the fortress, with a bridge spanning the gap between the two.



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