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Reggie is a character in YogsQuest 2: Goons of the GalaxySips purchased Reggie in a pet store on the crime planet Kelvin. Reggie is a bird-like sentient creature called a Snarklax which speaks your inner thoughts. Reggie quickly started causing problems for the crew as immediately when Sips received Reggie, Reggie read Sips' mind and said aloud that Sips had deceived the shop owner. On the set, Sips got a large several foot tall puppet of a bird-like creature to represent Reggie.

Due to the strange species name of Snarklax, the gang proceeded to call it other completely wrong and strange names, such as "Fartlax" and more frequently "Snorlax" which ultimately led to Sips calling it a Pokémon.

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