Once thought by Sjin to be a goddess, Renzovia was cast out by the other gods due to her views on mankind. While wandering the world, she was captured by a group of lords, and her avatar was separated. Sjin found one piece in the castle of Lord Blackwood, and was sent on a quest, to find and reconnect her parts, by Renzovia's head, as she was too weak at the time to repair herself. She also promised to help Sjin rule the world.

When Sjin repaired her, however, it turned out that she was actually a machine designed to destroy mankind. She went to attack Sjinterfel, and to stop her Sjin, Spooky Steve and Eldraphyn destroyed the machine which was keeping her powered. By doing this however, Sjin destroyed the entire world, and Renzovia vanished, presumably dying in the destruction of the planet's core a few moments after Sjin escaped.


Renzovia has reddish hair with white flowers in it, a long flowing dress decorated with gold, blue eyes and two golden bracelets.


Presumably attacked the world before, as Elwyn Sorrowsong calls her an 'evil goddess', meaning that she and the other lords separated her to stop her from destroying humans.

Personality Edit

Renzovia was designed to destroy humankind, and deceived Sjin into repairing her by promising to help him rule the world. As such, she is manipulative, cruel and laughs at the death of humans.


Spooky Steve (her head magician)

Sjin (former ally)

Lord Blackwood (unknown)

Abilities & PowersEdit

While Sjin may have thought her to be a goddess, Renzovia is actually a machine designed to destroy humankind, and as such she has virtual invincibility, huge speed as she beat Sjin back to Sjinterfel, and a large explosive gun.



"Fool! You thought I was a God?"