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Reynard Ferehorn is Tom Hazell's character in High Rollers D&D. He is a human ranger.

Tom roleplays Reynard in Session 41. He and the adventurers (minus Trellimar) are tasked by the Government of the Dawn Republic to investigate Velderbann as it is suspected to be under attack by the Broken Sky.

Originally, Tom was a temporary replacement, as Matt Toffolo was temporarily leaving the campaign. However, he is now a permanent member, as Matt has decided to leave the story for good.


Race Class & Level Alignment
Human Ranger, Level 12
Background Patron Armour Class Hitpoints
Unknown None
Occasionally shown interest in Bahamut's teachings.
16 82
Ability Scores
14 18 14 11 14 18
For spells, features, traits, equipment and proficiencies, click here.

Note: The Stats are correct as of Episode 62.


Reynard is a muscular adult human with tan skin and reddish-brown hair.

His clothing has a yellow-and-black color scheme, which is the scheme in his family's guild.[1] His clothes have a minor magical enchantment on them, which makes the buttons glow when he says the command word, "Oñ." [2] These enchanted clothes were given to him by Jiǔtóu after his original clothes were burned up in lava.[3]


Reynard is known to be a show off, and show boat about his past "adventures" and his marksmanship as a hunter. In reality, Reynard has not gone on any adventures, and the stories he tells people were either made up or taken from his uncle, Felix.[1]

Despite being scared and inexperienced, Reynard does try his best to help the adventurers, and does have good intentions. He aspires to be a hero like his uncle.



His Family Edit

Reynard has three younger brothers - Arthur, Baltir, and Felton, and both of his parents, Fredrick and Rose. He is shown to have a mostly unstable relationship with Fredrick, Arthur, and Baltir. They believe that the stories his uncle told him are fake, and refuse to believe Reynard when he tells them he has actually adventured. They do not even believe in the Broken Sky and the trouble that Talis'Val is in. Fredrick is also shown to be demanding and harsh towards Reynard. He believes that Reynard's dreams of being an adventurer are dumb, and wants him to inherit the guild.[1]

Felton, however, he is shown to have a good relationship with. They would read stories about their uncle together. Reynard is also shown to try and help Felton work through his stutter.[1] Most of Reynard's relationship with Felix is unknown at the time, but it is known that Reynard admires him very much, and Felix has sent him letters about his journey.

Reynard's relationship with Rose is unknown at the time.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Note: This section only lists prominent spells, features, traits, equipment, and proficiencies. See Player's Handbook for more information on the character's race and class.


  • Reynard is scared of the dark.[4]


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