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Ridgedog's Base is Steven Goates' base in Voltz. It is known to look somewhat like a forest on the surface, disguising an extensive underground base. Inside his base are all his Voltz supplies and an immense amount of high-technology weapons and other machinery.

The base is highly booby-trapped, and has a self-destruct sequence should anyone try to steal anything from the base. There is also proof that the materials used to construct the base had been spawned or cheated in; since the base includes stacks of missiles, Minecraft player heads and an infinite battery, all of which are impossible to acquire in regular survival gameplay.

In Episode 23 of Simon's, Lewis', and Duncan's Voltz series, Lewis and Simon came too close to the base, and Ridgedog noticed them, firing a first missiles at their base, and the second Missile in the next episode. As a result, he received retaliation from the trio as they destroyed his missile platform and poured lava on him, killing him. They also opened up their emergency stash to take two Nuclear Missiles and fired one at Ridge's base, though it missed because Duncan input the wrong coordinate by mixing up the Y and Z coordinates.

In Episode 25, Duncan got the coordinates correct and successfully nuked Ridgedog's base, completely wiping out the tree grove above his base. But it was shown that most of the underground area had still survived due to the high-blast-resistance of the blocks surrounding it. Lewis, Simon and Duncan, upon discovering this, entered the base to see if there was anything worth taking. The base had some security turrets that were firing at them, but Duncan shut them down by destroying the power supply that was powering them using a missile launcher. The trio eventually discovers the stash of missiles deep in the base, however, they somehow triggered a self-destruct sequence and had to evacuate the base, with Duncan barely making out in time after he tried to get as much weapons in the chests as possible before the base exploded, sending him flying up in the air but landing in the sea unharmed.

Later, the trio explored what was still left, with Simon accidentally burning in lava. Ridgedog finally came back during this period, and grieved at the destruction of his base.


  • When raiding the newly exposed base, Lewis incorrectly identifies the Minecraft heads as members of the Voxel Box; they are in fact the chat moderators of Ridgedog's livestream who built the majority of his base.[1]

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