Rosie Jones is Duncan's sister. She went to LIPA, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. She is a musician/songwriter and part of a group called the Worry Dolls. She currently resides in London.

Yogscast InvolvementEdit

Rosie sung a parody of the song Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus called Enderman for Duncan's YouTube channel, which was released on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other online retailers under the Yogscast Studios label. The song was released on the 1st November 2013.


  • She has "very ginger" hair, stated by Duncan in one of the Christmas Livestreams, as apposed to his "strawberry blonde" hair.
  • She has a Twitter account: @RosietheJones
  • She studied at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.
  • She and Kim  went to the same university.

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