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Rythian 0
Real Name Joakim Hellstrand
Usernames/Aliases Rythian
YouTube Channel YOGSCAST Rythian, DXPhoenix, Joakim Hellstrand
Gender Male
Nationality Swedish
Current Member? Yes
Working at YogTowers? No
Occupation YouTube Content Producer at Yogscast Ltd
Partner Zoey Proasheck (Zoeya), Jon Evans (Tee), Jonathan Whitten (Ravs)
Catchphrase "OWNED!"
Joakim Hellstrand, also known as Rythian, is a Swedish member of the Yogscast and a renowned lover of Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft. Rythian has shown Simon and Lewis through new HoN and LoL characters on numerous occasions.


A rugged barbarian from the north, Rythian adds a certain level of Swedish flair to the otherwise primarily UK-based Yogscast crew. Known for his popular Blackrock Chronicles series and his tendency to get highly into character in story-based games, he’s made a place for himself among the Yogscast fandom.


  • Rythian's username comes from a story he wrote.[1]
  • Rythian's Honcast account can be found here.
  • Rythian's hate and rivalry for Lalna/LividCoffee and Sjin runs so deep that he went to the effort of writing a parody. This parody is entitled "Sjin and Duncan are going to die" which is a parody of the Christmas classic "Santa Claus is coming to town." It can be found here.
  • In the 31/12/2012 livestream Rythian stated "I should just get this clear though, Paul and Duncan are cool guys, but Sjin and Lalna/LividCoffee can fuck off.". This of course clarifies that Rythian has nothing against Duncan and Sjin outside the Minecraft world.
  • Rythian has noted that he is the Hug Master on his twitter.
  • Rythian's skin has Enderman eyes on his back, leading many to think he is part Enderman. He does share some traits with Enderman, since he doesn't like rain and when he used his Void Ring to teleport, he said it felt "fairly natural" to him. He also commented that it was painful to him to hold Enderbane for too long and that it stings.
  • Rythian's old skin was of a man in a green robe with a darkened out face. Similar to the way Magicka wizards look.
  • Rythian's skin is actually named "enderman hunter."
  • Rythian hates Endermen.
  • In the series Cornerstone with Sjin, Rythian showed aggression towards young Endermen, in which Sjin exclaimed, "It's just a child!" and Rythian whispered "So was I..."
  • Rythian confirmed on tumblr that he plays the characters Templar AdaephonMr Banjo and Isabel Peculier from the Shadow of Israphel series.
  • Rythian is red-green colourblind, which he said in one of his Q&A videos.
  • Rythian once said that Sweden is the best country in the world; however he was drunk at the time.
  • Rythian appeared on YogPod 30a "I'm thirty two years old!" when Simon and Lewis tell him and Ravs about their outing to see Warwick Davis.
  • Rythian is widely known for for capacity of roleplay, as proved in Dishonored and The Blackrock Chronicle.
  • Rythian loves to write, and currently is writing a novel. He sometimes writes short stories for fans on his tumblr, found here.
  • He has a loving girlfriend, who is yet to be named.
  • According to his Tumblr, his birthday is 23rd April 1984.
  • His Tumblr also said the most romantic thing he had ever done was let his girlfriend play Phoenix Wright on his DS because her charger was broken.
  • It has been proved many times that the master wizard Rythian in Tekkit/Yogscast series has fallen in love with his apprentice Zoeya. However, Zoey and Joakim are not dating IRL.
  • Rythian loves sandwiches and pizzas.
  • Rythian's favorite cake is Kladdkaka.
  • Rythian doesn't always roll his eyes, but when he does, he rolls his eyes counter clockwise.
  • Rythian is right handed.
  • Rythian's favourite films are The Prestige, Memento, Cabin in the Woods, The Matrix and Terminator 2
  • Rythian is technically the only viking in the Yogscast.
  • Rythian prefers Pepsi to Coca Cola.
  • Rythian is 6 foot 2.5 inches tall (189cm).
  • The phoenix is his favourite mythical creature.
  • Rythian has a brother, who is the co-founder of Gosu Gamers.
  • His top five games of all time are Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dishonored, Heroes of Might and Magic III, PlaneScape: Torment and World of WarCraft[2]
  • On one of Panda's livestreams Rythian said that he liked Panda's taste in music and Rythian used his twitch stream as a playlist.
  • Rythian prefers PS4 to Xbox One.
  • His Pokemon X team is Venasaur, Blaziken, Tyrantrum, Gardevoir, Greninja & Aegislash.
  • His dream car would be a black Aston Martin DB9.
  • At the end of his COD: Ghosts playthrough, Rythian had a rant about why he believed it was the worst COD game ever.
  • He wears a size 12 shoe.
  • Rythian stated in his Civ V solo series that he has a small crush on Theodora Justinian.
  • Two relatives of his, Anders Hellstrand and Patrik Hellstrand, have Google+ accounts which can be found here and here


  • "Hello, I am Rythian and this is Minecraft."
  • "...because why not?"
  • "Oh, snappity snap!"
  • "Sips_ was slain by Rythian; <Rythian> OWNED"
  • "Noxite was slain by Rythian; <Rythian> OWNED <Zoeya> LOL"
  • "I am your worst nightmare!"
  • "Well, this is my land. Time to make it my bitch."
  • "Christ on a bike!"
  • "It's fine."
  • "Fair enough."
  • (To Nilesy) "Why don't you take your wood, and your dirt, and shove them up your inventory..."
  • "The death of Guard Guy shall not be forgotten!"
  • "Zoey, there's no magic alarms."
  • (To Zoey) "We're going to have a serious talk later."
  • (In a forced friendly voice) "Sjin! You little bastard!"
  • "See you later, shitlords! No, that didn't fit... *goes back*  See you later, sucker!"
  • "Harsh words! Harsh words from a man in a melon suit!"
  • "Well I guess I'm alone again."
  • "Oh well..."
  • "She...she was distractions. This is all distractions."
  • "What's the point?"
  • "Brilliant."
  • "The day you become predictable is the day you die." 
  • "Duncan, I will punch you in the face... THE FACE."
  • (To Zoey over the Mushnet chat) "I miss you. I need you. I love you."
  • "Zoey is crazy, but she is my type of crazy."
  • (To Nilesy, about Zoey) "This is what I have to deal with."
  • "I may be an assassin, but that doesn't mean I'm a gun for hire!"
  • "Should we sign the guestbook?" (As Corvo Attano, the most wanted man in Dunwall)
  • "I thought maybe you'd like some company?" (When he walks in on a woman's bath in Dishonored)
  • "Oh, crap!"
  • "Special Agent Parvis!"
  • "Holy crap, a Sectopod!"
  • "You are the worst."
  • "Rip." (when someone dies, esp. in X-Com)
  • "Holy Christ on a pogo stick."
  • "Just... Be careful. You know how I feel about you." (To Zoey, just before she goes to try and defuse the nuclear bomb under Blackrock)
  • "Malmö!"
  • "Why does this always happen to me?"
  • "Dave! Zombonaut"
  • "♫ Stuff him in a sack and throw him over, feed him to the hungry rats for dinner. Shoot to the heart with loaded pistol, slice his throat with a rusty cleaver. Early in the morning. ♫" (on his tumblr, when someone asked his to sing a shanty)
  • "Yeah, boobs are pretty cool. I’m a fan in general."
  • "We will not be stopped be a flying triangle!"
  • (to Duncan) "Press your fucking button all you want, Blackrock Castle is gone. I hope you're happy."
  • (Excited) "Aww, Mengsk is screwed! He is the screwdest of Screwed!"
  • "Spiny, NO! Spory!!!"
  • "Teep what are you doing?"
  • (in The Walls 2) "By the way, I'm Katniss."
  • Stabs Parv through stomach* "EAT SHIT, PARV!!"
  • "Stop calling me Crybabia!"
  • "Zoey, will you marry me?" - Rythian was reading out a comment from a donation during christmas livestream, not realising that he had just been tricked into asking Zoey that.
  • "I made a gay joke, yaaaaay!"




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