Satan in his fullest form.

Satan is Sips' flame atronach in his Skyrim series. Sips still does not know if Satan is a male or a female, although he often calls Satan a he. According to Sips, when not in battle, he/she returns to the realm of nightmares.

When Uthgerd briefly left the triforce, Satan repeatedly laughed at Lydia for her noobish skills. Sips often reprimanded Satan for this, although gave the impression that he agreed wholeheartedly with Satan's assessment of Lydia's skills.

Satan is renowned for his/her impressive buttshots, although he/she is not quite on par with Princess Leia's own skills. When not performing buttshots, Satan likes to float along as part of the Triforce, together with Princess Leia and Uthgerd the Unbroken.

Satan is also believed to be Sips' house in Terraria, however Sips denies it.

Satan was briefly replaced with Satan 2.0, who is the Dremora Caitiff spawned with the Sanguine Rose. However, he/she returned in later episodes.

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