Skyrim lrg
256px-Dremora Lord

Satan 2.0 in his fullest form.

Satan 2.0 is the stronger replacement for Satan, Sips' flame atronach that he summons whenever he gets in combat. Sips commonly refers to Satan 2.0 as "the devil". Satan 2.0 is part of the newly formed "Guyforce" which also includes Princess Leia and J'zargo, or "Panther Guy" as Sips calls him.


He wears daedric armour and wields a heavy daedric weapon (such as a two-hander). Satan 2.0 is a Dremora lord, a higher ranking Daedra created by the Daedric prince Mehrunes Dagon.


Satan 2.0 is summoned by Sips using the Sanguine Rose, a staff obtained by completing the quest "A Night to Remember" after going on a joyride around Skyrim in a drunken haze.

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