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When the Yogscast shifted their focus to the game Minecraft, they created the Minecraft Series. This is arguably the Yogscast's most popular and famous series, with the first episode being released in late-2010, the series has grown into an extensive story-telling adventure, called Shadow of Israphel.

Tekkit SeriesEdit

Most, if not all, Yogscast members were and are involved in multiplayer Tekkit series. As of July 2012 the Tekkit series is one of the most popular of the Yogscast's series.This was replaced with their new mod pack, yogcraft, on the FTB pack.

World of WarcraftEdit

The starting series of the Yogscast. Playing off the fame of popular How To: guides provided by many World of Warcraft (WoW) communities on YouTube an idea was conceived. This idea was to make How To: guides that explained little of anything to do with the fight, but rather followed the conversations of Lewis and Simon. These videos would later shift to proper How To: guides and a play through the WoW expansion Cataclysm content while still holding on to their core humourous nature.They also got their name from here. The clan they made was Ye Olde Goons Squad. This turned to the Yogscast.


Simon, Lewis and Hannah played through Fallout: New Vegas for a considerable amount of time, with Hannah, generally, being in control.


The Yogscast Magicka series was made with Youtube gaming star Totalbiscuit . The series went on for about 2 months before it stopped suddenly. In the far future, the Yogscast showed a lost episode on the channel.


Another small series, which involved the guys' first impressions on the game.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Simon and Lewis had a look at Final Fantasy XIV (14) for a small period of time, in which they comically played as a small child with a moustache.

Portal 2Edit

This series shows the Yogscast trying to get their minds around the various puzzles in both the Portal 2 Co-op and Singleplayer campaigns. Simon and Lewis stumble through the Portal 2 Co-op campaign. Meanwhile Simon attempts to confront GLaDOS and escape her evil clutches in the singleplayer campaign (Featuring Stephen Merchant!).

Dead IslandEdit

This series shows the Yogscast playing the highly anticipated game "Dead Island". Testing their survival skills and completing the set quests in the game. Although initially buggy, Simon and Lewis have both announced on multiple occasions that they've had a lot of fun with the game.This came to a abrupt end, with no more episodes to this date.


Lewis and Simon made a small RAGE series for a period of time, begining in October 2011, just after the game's release.

Heroes of NewerthEdit

A small series, which is updated only a few times annually. The series began on October 5th ,2011. The series is currently on halt, because Rythian, the Heroes of Newerth expert of the Yogscast, has begun uploading his own HoN series on his own YouTube channel.

Left 4 DeadEdit

Simon, Lewis, Hannah and Left 4 Dead from time-to-time, most recently a new custom map called Questionable Ethics and a Minecraft map (in which their characters had a cameo).

Trucking TuesdayEdit

A relatively new series of Lewis and Simon playing a new trucking game every tuesday.

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