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Minecraft: Season 3 is a Minecraft series from the Yogscast, with Season 1 only having twenty-seven episodes, Season 2 with eleven episodes and Season 3 currently on forty-two, not including the custom maps and mod spotlights. 

Main Content and EpisodesEdit

Season 3 Currently Consists of:

Simon and Lewis

Martyn and Toby

Simon and Lewis

Sips and Sjin

Sips and Lewis

Hannah and Nilesy

Duncan and Turps

Rythian and Panda

Sips and Lewis

Hannah and Nilesy

Duncan and Turps

Rythian and Panda

Lewis, Sips, Sjin and Duncan

Simon and Hat Films

Sips, Hannah, Rythian and Lewis

Sjin, DaveChaos, Simon & Kim

Simon, Rythian and DaveChaos

Sjin, Kim and Strippin

Duncan, Gamechap and Bertie

Hat Films

Lewis, Sips, Sjin and Duncan

Hat Films and Simon

Two episodes of Calamity with Simon, Lewis, Sjin, Duncan and Kim. Two with Sips, Rythian and Hat Films.

One episode of The Walls 3 from each team on this map.

Nine episodes of 241 with Simon and Lewis.

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