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Shadowrun Returns is a cyberpunk, tactical indie game, developed by Harebrained Schemes. In the game, you play a Shadowrunner, who has met hardships since having stopped working with a fellow runner named Sam Watts.

In YogiverseEdit

  • Rythian is the only known Yogscast Member to have played the game. His playthrough spanned a total of 10 episodes.

Episode GuideEdit

Rythian — Shadowrun Returns
Video Name Table yt
Shadowrun Returns #1 - Nowhere To Go But Down Watch
Shadowrun Returns #2 - Jake Armitage Watch
Shadowrun Returns #3 - The Halloweeners Watch
Shadowrun Returns #4 - Welcome to the Union Watch
Shadowrun Returns #5 - Crime Scene Investigation Watch
Shadowrun Returns #6 - A Hellhound`s Favourite Food Watch
Shadowrun Returns #7 - Oh Come On, Charisma! Watch
Shadowrun Returns #8 - Rapidly Changing Accents Watch
Shadowrun Returns #9 - Assembling a Team Watch
Shadowrun Returns #10 - Disassembling a Team Watch

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