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Simon Roger was a citizen of Sipsville in Sips' Towns Let's Play. Simon was an intense builder, who took virtually no work-breaks and powered-on with the construction of the town. He hailed from England, wore a pastel-pink shirt. Had a bald head and a large beard and yelled "Tally-ho!" to everyone when he walked past. He was thought highly of by Sips, who hailed him as "the greatest guy", Sips even awarded him Bryce's old room as a reward for his hard work. Later, when a mountain was blocking the construction of Fort Fantastic, Sips brought Simon Roger up north to deal with it. When he got there, he took one look at the mountain, and it retreated back to the Earth out of fear.

Simon Roger was also the name of a donator who donated £300 to the Honeydew Honey Drive.

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