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Real Name Chris Lovasz
Usernames/Aliases Sips, Sips_, Rips, The Real Guy, The Best Guy, Sips3million, Freddie Mercury, Chet Williams, Magnificent Bastard, Sips_in_space, Platinum Boy, Princess Leia, Alandin, Old Sipsereno,Ronda McSteel
YouTube Channel Sips, Sips - Live!, Team Double Dragon
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Current Member? Yes
Member Since 2009
Working at YogTowers? No
Occupation YouTube Content Producer at Yogscast Ltd
Partner Paul Sykes (Sjin), Lewis Brindley (Xephos), Hat Films, Mark Turpin (Turpster), Jimmy De Santa (Jizzle)
Catchphrase "Holy crap"

Chris Lovasz, commonly known as Sips, born June 5th, 1980, is a Yogscast member, most known for his videos on the video games, Orcs Must Die, Towns, Don't Starve, Skyrim, and Garry's Mod. Sips is also well known for playing Minecraft with Sjin, where they made a dirt production company called SipsCo.

Yogscast Website SummaryEdit

CEO, President, Director & Owner of Sipsco, the quality dirt and decking company, Sips is a long-time friend of the Yogscast. His no nonsense mentality of 'Big Money, Big Women, Big Fun' has served him well to this day.



  • "I am a firm believer that when somebody is down, it's best to kick them."
  • "Did I tell you about the time I won the Tour de France?"[2]
  • "It's gotta be said."
  • "...go and get our [X] on in a major way."
  • "I've started making my own dudes, which is a good thing."
  • "Fieeelds of Uraniuuum!"
  • "It's gotta be said..."
  • "Your anoos."
  • "Look out, there's a skinny guy."
  • "I think it's gonna go big."
  • "You son of a gun!"
  • "God damn it."
  • "I can't believe it!"
  • "I'm just gonna make a camp guys."
  • "Oh shiiiit."
  • "Big money, big women, big fun."
  • "Uthgerd!?"
  • "I hope we didn't awake some sort of ancient evil down here."
  • "Oh well Satan's harmless."
  • "Who woulda thought?"
  • "No? Just me? Possibly my dad?"
  • "Prepare your butts!"
  • "... if you can believe that."
  • "Very nice."
  • "Wow wow wee-wah!"
  • "...which is not the best."
  • "Fantastic!"
  • "Who Likes to Party?"
  • "It's gonna be good."
  • "I'll do iiit!"
  • "Whammo! Whammy!"
  • "I did it mom!"
  • "No Turps, you've done it all wrong!"
  • "Aw, Sjjjiinnnn!"
  • "Fan-fucking-tastic."
  • "Italian PoRRRRRnos."
  • "What a fucking shot!"
  • "I just iced that guy!"
  • "Man, I just got roasted!"
  • "Oh, you know what, you know what... fuck you guys, fuck this game, fuck you!"
  • "Lick my rapehole Lewis!"[citation needed]
  • "I'm taking many hits, and not from the bong!"
  • "Look at this creeper! I'm gonna invite him over to dinner and then kill him right in front of my mom!"
  • "My panties are covered with glossy gravy tonight!"
  • "It's a royal rumble out here!"
  • "Let's make some cool shit."
  • "Get outta town, Buster Brown!"
  • "Fuck the world!"
  • "It's a vitamin deficiency, you judgmental bastard!"
  • "You effin' ding-dong."
  • "What are they building over there, a Rainbow Factory or something?!"
  • "Damn it. Damn it Sjin. Damn it all to hell!""
  • "Give Sjin back his rape alarm, you bastards!"
  • "I'm all over this shit!"
  • "Hey, silk-shirt guy!"
  • "Don't worry Sjin, I got this."
  • "God damn it, Sjin!"
  • "Come on Sjin, ya' big dumb dumb."
  • "Wah... What are you doing!?"
  • "It's only me who handles my gun, Sjin, nobody else."
  • "That sounds like a whole lot of sucking, Sjin."
  • "I'm full of piss and vinegar."
  • "Then you'll have to eat food out of a dumpster, like you were destined to do."
  • "I am the best housewife in the lands."
  • "2012 can suck on my balls, it's all about 2013!"
  • "What's this guy's beef?"
  • "God, I'm gonna need a nap after this."
  • "Oh shit! The shipping and receiving!"
  • "Prepare your buttholes."
  • "Camp Hercules, Camp HERCULEEEES!"
  • "Chopping wood is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman; most of the time you start by threatening them with a chainsaw."
  • "It's not easy eating bananas."
  • "The chemicals from the friction from our butts made a baby."
  • "I`m gonna blow hard."
  • "Excuse me, I'm gonna eat a pretzel."
  • "Prepare your strap-ons."
  • "Ho ho ho travellers! Thanks for getting the staff of Magnus for me. I'll be taking that."
  • "I've never zoomed in this close and, actually, I'm immediately regretting it. I feel like I want to zoom out straight away. Okay, I have zoomed out."
  • "God, what a big bastard."
  • "But what about looting?"
  • "That's not a parking lot, that's a SatansVille sign!"
  • "You gotta love planting trees."
  • "Oh, come on! What the hell!"
  • "Calzones!"
  • "Everybody Loves Baron Raymondo"
  • "When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into your eyes, snort salt and sing the national anthem."
  • "Shit all over it!"
  • "I've sniffed my balls in a major way and we've done it!"
  • "Man, that gives me a big boner."

Series Guide Edit

The following table shows the games and series' Chris Lovasz has played or participated in.
Series List
Current On Hiatus Finished




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