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Sips 01
Real Name Chris Lovasz
Usernames/Aliases Sips, Sips_, Sips3million
YouTube Channel Sips
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Current Member? Yes
Member Since 2009
Working at YogTowers? No
Occupation YouTube Content Producer at Yogscast Ltd
Partner Paul Sykes (Sjin), Hat Films, Mark Turpin (Turpster)
Catchphrase "Fantastic."

Chris Lovasz (born 5 June 1980), commonly known as Sips or Sips_, is one of the main video producers for the Yogscast. He manages the YouTube channel Sips (previously YogscastSips and shortly YOGSCAST Sips) and designed the original Yogscast website in 2009. Many fans describe Sips as a magnificent bastard. Sips is married and has a son named Poopfeast420. Sips hit 1,000,000 (one million) subscribers on 27/05/2013 at approximately 00:18PM (GMT).


CEO and President of Sipsco, the quality dirt and decking company, Sips is a long-time friend of the Yogscast. His no nonsense mentality of 'Big Money, Big Women, Big Fun' has served him well to this day.

The YoGPoD

Sips first appeared in the second episode of the YoGPoD - Sipsgate. Simon, Lewis, and Yohimitzu called him up and Lewis asked him a volley of awkward questions.

Sips also appeared in episode 31 of the YoGPoD (the second Dungeons and Dragons special) where he played, Dr. Caesars Palace, MD, a seven foot tall cat burglar who was adept at making campsites and long jumping.

His most recent YoGPoD appearances were in episodes 40 "Toaster Mic" and 41 "Bear Claws" where he answered questions from the Yognau(gh)ts.

Video Production

Sips primarily makes content for his channel Sips. A popular series is An Evening with Sips in which he plays games of his or the viewers' choice. He is good friends with fellow Yogscast member Sjin, and the pair have made many videos together published on their channels, Sips and YOGSCAST Sjin. A notable collaboration has been their Tekkit series in which they work on a business empire, SjipsCo (formerly SipsCo). Their good relationship is often shrouded under the on stage sociopathic tendencies presented with the frequent dirt attacks, and tyrannical laughter at creating black holes of mass destruction.

Sips and Sjin have also appeared together in a series of animated shorts created by Balbod and Area 11.

Other Appearances

Sips was present at Gamescom 2012, and appeared in coverage on the BlueXephos (YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon) channel. He has appeared throughout the Tekkit Jaffa Factory series as well as Voltz, Crown Conquest, Civ 5 and Garry's Mod videos.


  • He has at least one brother who is both younger and cooler than Sips. Sips speculates that his brother's irritating fanaticism of the Pokémon franchise is the reason why he hates it.
  • He is the only certified duck killer among the Yogscast.
  • Sips has a mineshaft entrance in the middle of his house.
  • Apparently, lumber-jacking is what Sips does best.
  • It's a widely accepted fact that Sips is "the real guy, the best guy."
  • Sips' original skin and character was Granny Bacon as revealed in his and Sjin's Minecraft series.
  • He suffers from vitamin deficiency, hence the grey skin.
  • He owns a Greggs in the Isle of Wight, despite the fact that there is no Greggs there.
  • He's Canadian, but lives in Jersey (Channel Islands).
  • Sjin thinks that Sips has the best laugh out of all the Yogscast.
  • Sips played as Granny Bacon in Shadow of Israphel, hence the name "Granny_Bacon" in the earlier episodes of the series "Minecraft with Sips/Sjin.
  • Sips is considered by many to be the "cult classic" of the Yogscast, and is quickly gaining a large and loyal following due to his soothing voice, awesome orc-killing skills and surreal sense of humour.
  • In the third episode of Simon and Lewis' The Dropper series, at 11:30 Lewis did an impression of Sips, saying "Hey I'm making a camp here guys!" in a terrible Canadian accent.
  • Sips was born on the June 5th in 1980.
  • Aside from 'Icing Jokers', doing a flip is the main way Sips escapes danger.
  • In "Tekkit - Episode 15 - Geothermal Facility", Sjin reveals that Sips is "the bee's knees".
  • It was also revealed in multiple episodes of "Minecraft with Sips/Sjin" that Sips is in fact the best gumshoe in the land.
  • Because of his series of the game Towns, Towns added Heroes with one being "Sips, the Campmaker" whom can raise the infamous "Sadon" from the dead to fight.
  • During Martyn Littlewood's BIG Friday Stream on the 24th of August 2012 (at about 1:13:12), while talking about his upcoming move to YogTowers he answered a question from FrozenGhost99 which concerned Sips' presence in the Office. Martyn answered saying that Sips does not work at the office as he has a wife and kids and a decent job at a bank. Sips then stated in his reddit IAMA on June 23, 2013 that he stopped working full time in January 2013.[1]
  • In episode 58 of his and Sjin's Minecraft series, Sips reveals that he's actually a ghost, after dying a few episodes ago in lava; Sjin is the only person that can see him.
  • Sips has admitted to being glassist, which means intolerant to one with glasses. He claims this to be the reason he has never seen a Harry Potter movie.
  • Lewis, Sips and Simon only thought of one anagram of the name 'Sips' on an episode of the YoGPoD when discussing how Sips leaves the country.
  • Sips recently revealed that "lamps killed his mother." 
  • Sips was the first person to eat a jaffa cake produced by Honeydew Inc.
  • SIPS stands for Side Impact Protection System.
  • During episode 73 of Tekkit 3 with Sips and Sjin, after Sjin suggested building a gauntlet, Sips revealed that his grandfather had been a barbarian and had died in a gauntlet.
  • Sips lived in Ottawa, Canada before moving to England.
  • Sips apparently was a nerd in highschool, as mentioned by Sjin during the first episode of Day of the Tentacle with Sparkles*, uploaded on the Area 11 channel and one of Sparkles* favorite games. It also reveals that Sips looked like a pixelated geek and went by Bernard.
  • Sips is apparently a fan of rap group Cypress Hill, as he referenced them, and their single "Hits from the Bong" in one of his quotes, "I'm taking many hits, and not from the bong!".
  • He apparently hates childrens lullabys as well as nightmare hands as said in Don't Starve Part 14.
  • He says sorry in a very stereotypically Canadian way.
  • His personal heaven is flying through space in a rocket filled with Easter eggs.
  • For reasons unknown Sips finds Golden Pipes from the Tekkit modpack hilarious.
  • In Minecraft Tunnel Vision Part 5 - Mellow Yellow (Team Yogscast), the fire alarm in Sips' building went off in the middle of gameplay. Sips accepted his possible fiery end and proceeded to play.
  • In recent Minecraft PVP videos, Sips is shown to be an excellent archer.
  • Sips snipes better in video games with his butt cheeks clenched, according to Hat Films.
  • Sips has a liking of 90s rap. A liking he stated, on his reddit IAMA, due to being introduced to it in high school and loving it.
  • In Episode 51-part 2 of Sjin's Feed The World Series, Sjin revealed that Sips is a vegetarian.
  • Sips likes smooth peanut butter, opposed to crunchy.
  • Sips also loves blueberry pie.
  • According to Sjin in the 2013 Christmas livestreams, Sips went to Hogwarts.
  • At some point prior to episode 30 of Sipsco Space Program, Sips was abducted by an unknown force and brought to Mars. A flawed clone named Zips was left behind in his place. Ever since sips was rescued, Zips fled with
  • Sips has "rebranded" his channel. He now uses a different avatar and banner for his channel.
  • Sips does not like Yogurt.
  • According to the description of the second episode of the YoGPoD, Sips lived on an island somewhere in the English Channel as of Febuary of 2009.
  • Sips was the guest of episode 22 of the Co-Optional Podcast.
  • He plans on marrying his son, PoopFeast420 to Mark Turpin's daughter. 
  • As mentioned in his 1,000,000 Subscriber Celebration! video, Sips uploaded the old episodes of the YoGPoD onto iTunes.


This page, Chris Lovasz Quotes, contains all of Sips' most notable quotes.





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