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Sipsville, not long after Sips left to go north.

SipsvilleTennessee was Sips' grand town in his Towns Let's Play (season one). Sipsville ended up as a glorious town/village, however, it wasn't easy to get it to said state. The citizens of Sipsville had to endure four famines, a great siege and numerous ghosts. All of the original townsfolk died before the end of season one, except Demetrius, the last sheriff. To prevent another siege, Sips ordered the building of a moat and a wall, surrounding the town. Sips then left town to go north, he told the townsfolk that he was just going to expand the Sips empire, but he was really travelling north to combat something very sinister.


Tybalt de Mesniel - Deceased

Arabella Hugonin - Deceased

Josselyn de Munchesney -

Muriel Saint-Clair -

Eleanor de Cahaines -

Gloriana de Calmesnil -

William de Malhortye -

Anne Baliol -

Simon Roger - Alive

Fendrel de Ireby - Alive (in contact with Sips)

Juliana de Roncherolles - Deceased

Frederick Chauncy -

Matilda Mercier -

Malkyn Middleton -

Demetrius l'Estrourmi - Alive (Town Sheriff)

Matilda le Gaucher -

Bryce de Herle - Deceased

Jasmine Vatteville -

Anastas du Theil -

Robin Maignart - Deceased

Sadon - Undead

Buildings & LocationsEdit



Pig and Cow Farms



Wheat Fields


The Dungeon

The Iron Mine

The Dining Room

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