Site Bee is a facility owned by Honeydew Inc.. Originally called "Site B", with the Jaffa Factory being Site A, it was given its new, identically-pronounced nickname when it was used by Honeydew, inc. as a bee apiary and tree farm.


Site Bee was founded by Lewis, Duncan and Sjin when searching for new areas to set up shop for the new mods in Yogcraft after a poorly thought-out update rendered the Jaffa Factory broken. After experimenting with bees and trees, the trio is joined by Sips and Simon, who aid them in their farming of bees and trees.

Simon later uses Site Bee to experiment with magic in the mod Thaumcraft, along with the aid of Duncan. Eventually, the facility was abandoned in favour of "finding something more interesting to do" than raising bees and farming trees.


Site Bee consists of a forest for cross breeding of trees, a white laboratory for bee research, a volcano for geothermal power and Simon's magical hut for Thaumcraft research. Simon learned the basics of Thaumcraft in his magical place alongside Duncan. In it contains a research table, an arcane workbench, a cauldron, and a chest with one of Duncan's wood wooker Golems whom was blown up by a creeper after his short but much appreciated service.

In the jungle nearby Sjin and Duncan build a lava storage on top of a volcano. The lava produced power for the base.


  • As revealed in its debut episode, Site Bee was intended to resemble the original Honeydew Inc. Jaffa Factory, except it will be slanting upwards, apparently to gain an evil appearance. As the series was abandoned, the finished product will never be seen.
  • Site Bee is constantly referenced in other series as one of the most boring video series the Yogscast have ever done, and whenever bees are found, it's jokingly referred to as a bad omen.


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