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Sjindig Time is a song created by Sjin and published by the Yogscast. It was first released on December 20th 2013 on Bandcamp as part of Hark! T'is What Thou Refers To As Yogsmas!. A video was posted on the YOGSCAST Sjin channel. It is a parody of 'Christmas Time' by The Darkness.

Plot and Summary Edit

The music video is based around Sjin finally hosting his Sjindig and having all his guests over for the party. As Sjin, Simon, Lewis, Kim and Duncan enjoy the food and fun, Strawfingers interrupts and attempts to ruin the fun. He blows up the Spruce Moose aeroplane, destroys the growing Wheat and Carrots and breaks the Melons and Pumpkins. Sjin and the party-goers decide to fight back and proceed to chase Strawfingers across the farm, where they corner him and kill him. In revenge for this, Strawfingers respawns and sets off the Nuke and Industrial TNT planted under the farm. The video ends with a panning shot of the crater where the farm once stood.

Because of the destruction of the farm, Sjin wrote in the videos description that 'This is not the end of Feed the World, this is a music video on a separate world!' This was done so that fans would not worry about the series ending.


Sjindig Time - Christmas on Sjin's Farm03:22

Sjindig Time - Christmas on Sjin's Farm

The official video for Sjindig Time


Piles of apple pies, stacked up to the skies
Down on Sjin's farm, with you
Marshmallows on sticks, and tasty squid bits all ready
Fried through

Oh the beer is all brewed and there's plenty of food to go round
it's party time
Don't let the guests leave
Sjindig time
Not until I light these

Well the guests are all here
With plenty of cheer Down on Sjin's farm,
with you
Try a chocolate cake, or an ice cream sundae with sprinkles
and a flake

But oh no who's that scarecrow, all covered in snow, it's him
Strawfingers is here
To ruin the party!
It's sjindig time
Run for your lives now!

Sjindig time
Christmas on Sjin's farm
Sjindig time
Christmas on Sjin's farm

Lets gets the guns and the TNT, blast him sky high
He won't escape, he won't get away
Lets cook up his head and make it into pumpkin pie

(Ah hah! Ah hah ah! Woohoo! Get 'im kids! Yeah punch him, punch him in the face! Get his wallet, and his keys! Let's find his car! Yeah Bitch! You like that?)

Sjindig time
Christmas on Sjin's farm
Sjindig time
Christmas on Sjin's farm
Sjindig time
Everyone's free from harm
Sjindig time
So turn off that damned alarm
Sjindig time
Holster that sidearm
Sjindig time
Did somebody please say they disarmed the bomb?!

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