"...a technological marine fortress, packed to the brim with all the technology required to pump the deepest oil wells..."
(Sjin, on the Sjindustries Oil Platform)

Sjindustries was the first company started and maintained by Sjin in a Minecraft server, followed by SjinTech.


The Sjindustries Oil Platform was build by Sjin in creative mode for one of his Let's Build series. It was built in the Yogscast Tekkit server, according to Sjin at the beginning of his build. In later Tekkit videos with Sips, Sjin's waypoint marking the platform's location can be seen, proving that it was built on the server. Despite this, no characters have officially visited the site in their series. As with Sjintech, Sjin's affiliation with the company is unknown. When building the helicopter, Sjin mentioned the CEO, as if they were another person. However, this may just be the creative Sjin talking, as he has no connection with the location, characteristics or limitations of the Sjin normally found on the server. The size, organization and location of Sjindustries property remains unknown, as the oil platform is unlikely to be the headquarters of a large company, the only roof found being that of the crane's cockpit. Sjintech may be the Voltz subsidiary of Sjindustries, as it is shrouded in similar mystery.


  • It should be noted that the Sjin always refers to his build as an oil 'platform' rather than a 'rig' as similar structures in real life are often called.

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