Sjiintech Space Rescue was Sjin's series on the MoonQuest server, which has now changed to the Yogscast Complete server. Sjin's goal was to save Sips, who has been trapped on Mars. He has failed though, so he teamed up with Lewis, Simon, and Duncan on their MoonQuest series to save Sips together.

Episode GuideEdit

Sjin — Sjintech Space Rescue
Video Name Table yt
Sjintech Space Rescue #1 - Fresh Start Watch
Sjintech Space Rescue #2 - The Walls Watch
Sjintech Space Rescue #3 - The Slime King Watch
Sjintech Space Rescue #4 - Tinker Tools Watch
Sjintech Space Rescue #5 - Mighty Thor`s Forge Watch
Sjintech Space Rescue #6 - Liquid Copper Watch
Sjintech Space Rescue #7 - Bronzeworking Watch
Sjintech Space Rescue #8 - Wind Farm Watch
Sjintech Space Rescue #9 - Slimeballs and the Kimslayer Watch
Sjintech Space Rescue #10 - Sheepish Watch
Sjintech Space Rescue #11 - Tower Of Power 2 Watch
Sjintech Space Rescue #12 - The Machine Room Watch
Yogscast Complete Pack
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Locations: Jaffa Factory (Factory), Hat Corp (Location), Hole Diggers Inc., DwarfStar Alpha, DwarfStar, Craggy Islands, Hat Shack, Lovely Island, SipsCo. Sewage Pumping Facility 7, Nilesy and Hannah's Shack

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