Skobbels was Derpulies' assistant in Trials Of Derpulies, who helped with the challenges. At the end of Trials Of Derpulies, Skobbels helps the heroes defeat Derpulies, and it appears that his intentions are good. This results in him taking over Derpulies's Kingdom, and thus beginning Trials Of Skobbels. He takes Derpulies's place as the head of the world, and he hands out challenges just as Derpulies used to.

Trivia Edit

  • Skobbles "took over" the Yogscast Twitter for a few days while they were at EGX[1] before being replaced.[2]
  • Skobbels' favourite food is eggs.[3]
  • According to Skobbels during his twitter takeover, he is a troglodyte fisherman[4][5], troglodytes being a race of reptilian humanoids in Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Skobbels is voiced and controlled by Tom Clark during Trials Of Skobbels.[6]
  • A similar-eyed pirate, Scales, appeared in Simon, Lewis and Duncan's Minecraft Kingdoms series.[7]



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