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Skyhold circled on the map.

Small Description

Floating city/fortress of the Skylords

Living Residents

Skylord Lysander
Xephos (formerly)
Honeydew (formerly)
Skylord Jasper (formerly)

Deceased Residents

Skylord Amber (missing)
Skylord Vimes (deceased)
Skylord James (deceased)
Skylord Baako (deceased)
Unknown Skylord (deceased)
Skylord Vitali (deceased)
Skylord Horus (deceased)
Skylord Finnigan (deceased)

First Appearance

To Skyhold!

Last Appearance

Ghost in the Shell

Skyhold, an artificially constructed flying city, is the central base of operations for the Skylords.

Reachable only by plane or airship, the Skyhold is marked by extremely precarious walkways with no barriers to prevent pedestrians from falling hundreds of feet into the ocean below. It isn't clear what exactly keeps Skyhold aloft, but it is made clear that it has existed for a very long time, and has served as the testing grounds for potential Skylords for years.

Skyhold appears to cover a large area and is likely even larger than Mistral City; the center is made of sandstone,

A spectacular view of Skyhold

with the four projecting areas made of netherrack, mossy cobblestone, ice, and sandstone. These four areas represent fire, earth, water, and air, respectively. Three of them are the home of the Three Trials of the Skylords, which are elementally based, and the last, the sandstone one, is air, as it's a launch/landing pad for planes. The Carnivale Del Banjo appears to have docked there. There is snow on Skyhold, possibly due to the fact that it is cold high up in the air. There is also a cage, hanging off the bottom of the hold, for keeping prisoners in. It is the only currently known location besides Mistral for Skylords, and Skylord Jasper's Retreat to be stationed at. It also has a propulsion system making it a large flying battle fortress.


2013-01-20 15.24.46

A side view of Skyhold

As Xephos and Honeydew are escorted to Skyhold by Skylord Lysander, it is explained to them that the floating citadel was home to many Skylords, including Skylords Vitali and Amber, and Lysander's grandfather Skylord Baako. Amber, the leader of Skyhold, has recently been killed, and the other Skylords have mysteriously disappeared, with only Vitali and Baako remaining. Baako was sick, though, and was met by his grandson and our heroes, instructing them to face the trials of the Skylords. Madame Nubescu, who had come to Skyhold with the Carnivale del Banjo, attempted to heal Baako, but her voodoo magic was no match for whatever was afflicting him, and he tragically and rather graphically exploded. While going through one of the trials, Xephos and Honeydew note an unusual giant turtle in the sea, called the "Turtle God". After going through two of the trials, our heroes learned that a prisoner was being kept in a secret cell under the hold, imprisoned by Vitali as they completed the trials.

As Lysander distracted Vitali, our heroes found the prisoner, who turned out to be Um Bongo, and he told them he saw Vitali burying fresh bones under the apple tree. Our heroes, along with Lysander, dug up the ground around the tree, finding a blood trail leading to the secret tombs of missing Skylords James, Vimes, and Horus, each with a line of a poem above, describing how they were murdered. It also contained Vitali, the one who murdered them, who was revealed to be a vampire.


Xephos flying his plane around Skyhold

He was defeated by our heroes, dropping a pair of goggles, a record with odd writing (which Lysander related to the Skyhold's control room), and, as yet unnoticed by our heroes, a piece of paper, picked up by Xephos. Honeydew also picks up and wears the goggles. After completing the last Trial, the newly-minted Skylord Xephos and Skylord Honeydew are allowed to enter the Control Room, revealing that Skyhold is, in fact, a giant ship, which Israphel wished to become his dread fortress. While they look around for the piece of Karpath's Map, our heroes notice that one of the chests contains TV screens, which they put on their heads. On the screens inside, among other things, is a line saying "It's turtles all the way down!". Interpreting this to mean the piece of the map is in the Turtle God, they dive into the ocean, enter the Turtle God, and retrieve the piece of the map. Afterwords, Skylord Lysander visits them, telling them that, when they need him, he'll bring Skyhold to them to help fight Israphel. He also plans to rebuild the Skylords as an organization, so that they can be of help in the fight to come as well. Afterword, he gives them two planes, and they fly off to their new destination: Stoneholm.

Locations of Shadow of Israphel
Cities/Towns: Mistral City, Terrorvale, BBQ Bay, Stoneholm
Castles/Fortresses: Verigan's Hold, Skyhold
Tombs: The Tomb of Lehparsi, Tomb of the Templar Kings
Facilities: Facility 4
Misc: Carnivale Del Banjo, The Wall, Mistral Cemetery, Huge Volcano Room, Spider Tree, Swampy's Oasis, The Desert, Jade Sentinels, The Bridge to BBQ Bay, C.H.L.O.E.

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