"I stuck a meathook in his back."
(Skylord Vitali on Vimes' death.)

Skylord Vimes was a Skylord who lived in Skyhold, before he was killed by a fellow Skylord and secret Israphel follower, Skylord Vitali. He was likely among the first of Vitali's victims. He was stabbed in the back with a meat hook and hidden by Vitali before any of the remaining Skylords noticed his carcass laying around. He is buried with Skylords James, Horus, Finnigan and the Unknown Skylord, who were also killed by Vitali.





Abilities & PowersEdit


  • He may have been named after the protagonist of several popular Discworld books, one Commander Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. This appears likely since it is widely known that Duncan Jones is a fan of said book series.


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Character PopularityEdit

In a poll that was held from January to February 2013 on this wiki with all Shadow of Israphel characters to choose from, Skylord Vimes was placed equal 28th overall with 3 votes out of 4412 votes.



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