This category is for all Skylords in the Shadow of Israphel series.


The first appearance of Skylord Vitali.


The first appearance of Skylord Baako.

The Skylords are the ruling class of Mistral City. They are given access to the Sky Tower and the catwalks above the city, and they also own airships. They are known to be at odds with a group known as the Shiplords. The Skylords also have a floating fortress, where most of them lived, called Skyhold, and apparently only Skylords are usually allowed there, though for some reason the Carnivale Del Banjo was allowed in. Xephos and Honeydew were issued temporary licenses from Skylord Lysander, giving them access to the upper levels.

Only Lysander and Skylord Jasper used this title until Episode 27 of Season 3, where two more Skylords were shown, Skylord Vitali and Skylord Baako, and a third Skylord was spoken of, Skylord Amber.

To become a permanent Skylord one must take The Three Trials:

  1. The Trial of Fire
  2. The Trial of Ice
  3. The Trial of Life and Death

Three rare items from the chests must be brought to the highest ranking Skylord around (in case of Honeydew and Xephos this is Skylord Lysander). At this point, one may finally become a Skylord. Upon becoming a Skylord you are given a pair of Skylord Goggles.

Skylord Baako only had a brief appearance as being deathly ill in bed and after a few minutes of the heroes arrival exploded into red paste, heavily traumatizing Honeydew to the point he threw up almost his entire inventory into the nearby stream.

Several other Skylords have been mentioned, but were murdered by Skylord Vitali before he was slain by Honeydew and Xephos. Skylord Vimes was stabbed and killed with a meat hook, Skylord Finnigan was run through with his own sword, Skylord Horus died of a snapped neck, and Skylord James was killed in a duel by Vitali. Skylord Unknown had their eyes popped by Vitali, however his/her nameplate is unreadable so thus he/she remains unidentified. Since all but four Skylords are now deceased, Lysander plans to rebuild the group and recruit new members.

Skylords include (in order of appearance)Edit


The Tomb of Skylord James.


  • All Skylords wear googles, probably a symbolism showing that they can control airships.
  • The googles are actually retextured leather helmets, as they give 2 armour points, and the mouseover varifies this.


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