Sorcery is a series of mobile game adaptions of Steve Jackson's gamebook, Sorcery. Each part of the game costs £2.99 or your regional equivalent on the iOS Store.


You are a man (or woman) that has been chosen to recover the Crown of Analand that was stolen from the Analand King and the Analandian people as the crown holds great power.


Simon and Lewis played and completed part 1 during the 2013 Christmas Livestreams. In January 2014, they uploaded the stream of the game later to the main channel in 9 episodes.  Later in February 2014, they played part 2 of the game and uploaded the game in episodes to the main Yogscast Channel.

Episode GuideEdit

Main Channel — Sorcery
Video Name Table yt
Fun Thursday - Crabitron & Sorcery! Watch
Sorcery! The Journey Begins Watch
Sorcery! There`s a Bat on my Leg Watch
Sorcery! Glandragor`s Axe Watch
Sorcery! Jann The Creepy Watch
Sorcery! I would love to do some digging! Watch
Sorcery! Skunk Bear Watch
Sorcery! The Old Switcheroo Watch
Sorcery! Best Orc Impression... Ever! Watch
Sorcery! The Manticore (Finale) Watch
Sorcery 2 - Scabby Knuckles #1 Watch
Sorcery 2 - Fishy Business #4 Watch
Sorcery 2 - David Bowie`s Magical Fountain #3 Watch
Sorcery 2 - Swindlestones #2 Watch
Sorcery 2! - The Hangover #7 Watch
Sorcery 2! - Art Attack #6 Watch
Sorcery 2 - The Firemaster #5 Watch
Sorcery 2! - A Pirate`s Life For Me #8 Watch
Sorcery 2! - Something Smelly #9 Watch
Sorcery 2! - The Horde #10 Watch
Sorcery 2! - Sewer Rats #11 Watch
Sorcery 2! - The North Gate #12 Watch
Sorcery 2! - The Fate of Khare #13 Watch
Sorcery - YogTrailers
Video Name Table yt
YogTrailers - Sorcery Watch