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Spiny is a dinosaur created in Druidz series by Lewis and Sjin. It is a Spinosaurus, which is believed to be the biggest carnivore in history. While Lewis believes it wouldn't hurt a fly, Sjin is constantly afraid it will escape.

In Yogiverse Edit

During Episode 14 of Druidz, Spiny went missing and a big crater marked the dinosaurs escape. Between Episode #16 and Episode #17, Sjin built a statue of Spiny to honor him, a decision that Lewis wasn't overly enthusiastic about. During Episode 23, King Oberon said that Spiny has been found, and in Episode 25, they found Spiny in a village. They used the golden lasso on him and brought back to the treescraper.

Resonant Rise 3
Series: Cat Island, Druidz, Flux Buddies 2.0, Rule The World, Time Cops, Cornerstone
Characters: King Oberon, Spiny, Tony

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