Spooky Steve, or Steven Winterbourne III to use his full title, is a great wizard and a follower of Renzovia. He is a lich, and will die if his Phylactery is destroyed. His best friend is a brain in a jar called Richard.

History Edit

He used to be a great wizard, but has fallen on hard times. During Steve's first appearance in Rule The WorldSjin found him living inside of a cave within the Twilight Forest dimension.

Steve escaped Sjinterfel following its destruction by Renzovia by stepping through an Alfheim gate. His fate beyond this is unknown.

Personality Edit

Steve seems to be rather depressed, although being enslaved by a scrub like Sjin would dampen anyone's day. His personality could be summed up as a lich version of Marvin the Paranoid Android from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or perhaps Rincewind from Discworld, as Rincewind also has a companion by the name of Luggage, similar to Steve's compaction called Richard.

Quotes Edit

  • "You're a wizard, Sjin. A shitty wizard"
  • "You're a bit of a scrub."
  • "They are vicious beasts! They tried to gnaw my bones!"
  • "Oh, hurrah, another idiot." (after meeting Houndmaster Hobb)
  • "I like honeydew"
  • "That's Richard. He's a bit of a Richard"
  • "Lewis gave it to me." (after Sjin noticing that his wand was Creative Only)

Trivia Edit

  • Spooky Steve's account name was formerly Elwyn Sorrowsong, and Reverend John. [1]
  • Steve mentions he used to be a ginger.
  • It has been suggested that he is visually inspired by Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord, though any resemblance is purely coincidental.
  • Steve enjoys knitting.
  • Dogs love him for his bones.
  • Steve on occasion breaks the fourth wall, and appears to be aware of the Yogscast, having mentioned Pyrion, Honeydew, and Lewis. Despite this, he exhibits confusion when Sjin is talking to 'camera', and appears to look about for whom Sjin is talking to.
  • Steve is also a DJ at Club Steve, his very own nightclub in the basement of his tower.


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