Squires is a series made by Sjin and Sips where they both play as squires wishing to be knights.

History Edit

The series starts when two squires meet at a tournament both of their knights are participating in. The Buffalo's Squire thinks that if the Buffalo wins, he will make him a member of his guard. But then Sir Gayline's Squire tells him that the Buffalo has never won a tournament before, which depresses the squire. The Buffalo shows up for his lance, which his Squire gives to him out of fear. Buffalo's Squire then asks who Sir Gayline's Squire's knight is. Sir Gayline's Squire tells him and Buffalo's Squire then asks if they could use another Squire, but is turned down. Soon Sir Gayline comes for his lance while riding backwards on his horse.

After the tournament ends both squires began complaining about how their knights failed. The duo then decided to look for some new knights and begin advertising themselves. They both wonder how they can advertise themselves, when the Orange Squire comes up with the idea to make a sign. People soon notice them, but in the wrong way due to the squires not realizing that people think they are selling their bodies. The Orange Squire soon tells the Blue Squire he got the idea from some woman doing it the day before. They soon look across the street to see two women selling their bodies and are oblivious to what the women are really selling.


Video Name Table yt
Squires #1 - The Tournament Watch
Squires #2 - Squires for Hire Watch
Squires #3 - The Interview Watch
Squires #4 - Woodland Mystery Watch
Squires #5 - Brown Beauty Watch


  • This series was posted on Sips channel, while Sjin posted another series called Ninjas on his channel.
  • This and Ninjas are both the second animated series made by Sips and Sjin, and the episodes are posted to each of their channels simultaneously.
  • Like Spacemen, this series is animated by Balbod. Unlike Spacemen, Sips and Sjin wrote the script, not Balbod.