Stacey Island was the home of Sips and Sjin and HQ of Sips Co. in their original Tekkit series.


Stacey Island was the island Sips and Sjin spawned on when they begun their series. The duo decided to make it their home, where they will also put their machines as well. They named it Stacey Island after Tracy Island (from the Thunderbirds) but as Tracy was taken they named it Stacey. They began by flatning the island and putting a wooden perimeter around it. They soon began putting up walls around it, when Sjin decide to look for some materials under the island for some of their machines. Upon his return he found most of their house done, but it still did not have a roof though. They soon left to look for rubber and returned to cook the rubber and finish the roof. The duo eventually start mining below the island again looking for some more material to build a machine. When they finish they decide to call it a night.

When they returned Sjin and Sips began talking about how they will be successful in their business. Sjin goes outside to look around when he sees some fire from a crash site. Sjin tells Sips and they go investigate the wreckage. At first the duo believe it to be something Duncan made who also is on the server, in till they find the diary of Benjamin Disco who crashed their and left to search around. They soon stole most of his supplies and brought it back to Stacey Island. With all the new supplies the they got from the crash site they began making machines and soon decide to make a pool as well. They began on the pool construction next to their house and upon finishing it fill it with water. They later start work on collecting energy as well with a some of the stuff they stole. The duo then began building an interview chamber for interviewing possible pool boys to take care of their pool. 

The duo soon return to discover that Benjamin Disco has found them and has come for revenge for them stealing his stuff. Upon seeing him both Sjin and Sips grab as much stuff as they can carry and escape Stacey Island as Benjamin begans to fire upon them with his spaceship. Sips and Sjin then have to watch as Benjamin destroys Stacey Island leaving nothing left of it.

The destruction of Stacey Island was a scripted event, allowing Sips and Sjn's tekkit series to end. It was done so they could restart another series on the new tekkit server.


"Oh man, the Playboy Mansion doesn't have shit on this place, Sjin, doesn't have shit." - Sips

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