Steven Williams, universally known by his internet alias, Boogie2988, is an American YouTuber and an associate of the Yogscast.

In-Yogiverse Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His most popular content is of his character Francis, a very rage-filled and aggressive character. This persona of Steven's typically discusses and rages about current events in the video gaming industry amongst other topics.
  • He also has another character named Jessy, a southern, patriotic and right-wing character. This persona usually discusses political events in America and brings a very right-wing and patriotic view to it, with comedy elements thrown in to entertain viewers.

Quotes Edit

  • "What's up, ladies and gentlemen of YouTube, Boogie2988 coming at you live once again through the power of the internet."
  • "Sons o' bitches!" (As Francis)

Links Edit

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