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Stoneholm entr1


A landlocked Dwarven city


Honeydew (formerly)
King Finbar (deceased)
Rory Rockhammer (undead)
Moira Magmabloom
Kormag Darkforge (deceased)
Spacker LeChuck (undead)

First Appearance:


Last Appearance:

Beer & Lava

Stoneholm is a location in Minecraftia, referred to by Spacker LeChuck, as a location where one of the pieces of Verigan's Map was located. It is the city of the Dwarves, like Spacker and Honeydew. This matches Swampy Bogbeard's descriptions of the map piece locations, as one of the pieces was said to be "deep under bedrock" with "beards" around it. There used to be a path to it from Mistral City, but since the city is now forest, and the path goes over what was once a minefield, getting to it is difficult. The path also passes by a strange cliff with a face carved into it, along with a forest full of red, pink, and violet colored leaves, which seems to be linked with Skylord Jasper's Retreat. The path past this was closed due to creeper attacks, and Skylord Jasper seems to have been involved with the road servicing and/or the road being closed.

After helping our heroes free Skylord Lysander, Spacker decide to make his way to Stoneholm, with the help of a map from Skylord Lysander, telling our heroes that he'd meet them there after they finished with their business with the Skylords. In the time Spacker had been gone, King Finbar and Guard Captain Kormag Darkforge have gone over to The Cult of Israphel, sealing off the city because of a 'plague', despite dwarves being immune to plague. They zombified many dwarves, with few escaping this fate. Finbar seemed to gain a mysterious power from each zombie he created, which he transfered through a Hellgate. After being turn away at the city gates by Kormag, Spacker, followed by Xephos and Honeydew, infiltrates the city through a skylight, finding their way to some of the last dwarves in the city: Rory Rockhammer, Spacker's nephew, and Moira Magmabloom, a female friend of his. Rory leads them to a back room, where the others hide while he meets with Finbar to discuss the obsidian Rory had been refining. As a "reward", Rory is turned into a zombie. Finbar then leaves, telling Kormag to torture a prisoner. After watching Kormag depart for the dungeons, Moira suggests the group attack Kormag, which the others agree to do. After realizing the prisoner was their old friend Knight Peculier, they assault Kormag, with Moira finishing him with her bow. It seems that a section of the city, the Deepcore, was sealed around the time Verigan Antioch asked the dwarves to help him with the Wall, and may hold clues to how the Wall was breached. Moira tells the heroes as they travel of how the dwarves were changed. After a strange, pale man began lurking around, dwarves disappeared, and the King sickened, then died. The King then rose from the dead, gaining dark powers, and began zombifying the other dwarves by the command of his new master. 

Key Points Edit

  • Deepcore Ruins
  • Cold Store
  • Magmabloom Armory
  • Darkforge Distillery
  • Prison
  • King's Chugger Inn

Appearances Edit

  • During a Mod Review Video on the Airship Mod Lewis accidentally flew over Stoneholm and tried to divert attention by saying: "Oh that's nothing." Simon then said: "Just ignore that down there...don't... er...that's not Stoneholm or something...nothing, no nothing there!"
  • In the sixth YogLabs episode (Ferullos Guns Mod - Taking Back YogLabs), Simon was killed and respawned outside what looks like Stoneholm. It is currently unknown whether the YogLabs server is also the Shadow of Israphel server, or whether it was re-built/copied onto the YogLabs server.


  • 'Stoneholm' may be a play-on-words of the Swedish captial 'Stockholm'
  • In the World of Warcraft universe there is a land inhabited by stone dwarves named Deepholm, within Deepholm there is a dungeon named the Stonecore. In the Yogscast the place is Stoneholm and within it is a dungeon like area named the Deepcore. The prefix words seem to be switched around. When Simon first hears of Stoneholm he says "Where have I heard that name before?"
  • Using an X-ray pack on the museum server, one can see that there are enourmous underground caverns beneath Stoneholm which are connected to it and are presumably part of some sort of quest for the map fragment. A possible prototype of the Spire can also be seen underground and a building at the bottom containing signs belonging to a L. Wilson, who is possibly a Cultist. It is also possible that L. Wilson is Israphel under an assumed name.


Locations of Shadow of Israphel
Cities/Towns: Mistral City, Terrorvale, BBQ Bay, Stoneholm
Castles/Fortresses: Verigan's Hold, Skyhold
Tombs: The Tomb of Lehparsi, Tomb of the Templar Kings
Facilities: Facility 4
Misc: Carnivale Del Banjo, The Wall, Mistral Cemetery, Lysander's Secret, Huge Volcano Room, Spider Tree, Swampy's Oasis, The Desert, Jade Sentinels, The Bridge to BBQ Bay, C.H.L.O.E.

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