Strippin Saturdays was a real life series featuring Strippin and various other members of the Yogscast. The series saw Strippin partaking in competitions against other Yogscast members, such as Martyn Littlewood.

The series seems to have ended as an episode has not been uploaded to this series since 2013. This is most likely due to Strippin moving to the USA to live with his girlfriend, Dodger, and so cannot record with Yogscast members, as well has him leaving the Yogscast altogether.

Episode GuideEdit

Strippin — Strippin Saturdays
Video Name Table yt
Strippin Says! Q&A #1 Watch
Strippin Saturdays - Crazy Golf Part 1 Watch
Strippin Saturdays - Crazy Golf Part 2 Watch
Alsmiffy vs Strippin - `THE CALL OUT` Reply. Watch
Strippin Saturdays - The Burger Challenge: Alsmiffy VS Strippin Watch
Meet Strippin! Watch
The Draw-off is coming. Watch
Strippin Saturday - Blindfold Draw Off! Watch

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