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Survival Island Part 3: Mushroom on toast

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"Survival Island" Part 3: Mushroom on toast
Season 2, Episode 3
Posted Jan 4, 2011
Characters Xephos, Honeydew
Channel BlueXephos
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I have a sense of impending doom
Other breads are available

Please be aware that these Episode Summaries contains SPOILERS.

"Survival Island" Part 3: Mushroom on toast is the third episode of Season 2. It was uploaded on January 4, 2011.

The video description reads: While waiting for Notch to fix Nether Portals in Survival Multiplayer, Simon and Lewis vow to continue bringing you Minecraft videos by trying out "custom maps". First off, "Survival Island" a tough challenge where you have to survive on a desert island with limited resources! Lewis and Simon are playing this IRONMAN, which means if either of them die, they fail., which is used in all Survival Island episodes.

Plot & SummaryEdit

Si 3a

The fully-grown tree.

Still by the dungeon, Honeydew and Xephos are still attempting to suffocate the skeletons to death. Now they also got hit a few times. As Lewis runs out of sand, he starts to use gravel. Simon got an idea to lower the sand layer. Using this tactics, they revealed two chests which contained:
  • Iron, Wheat, Mushroom and a Loaf of Bread
  • Different Mushrooms, a Cactus, String and Wheat

As they were digging out the layer, they discovered the mob spawner. Simon destroyed it, because "otherwise, we'd die horribly." After Lewis depleted his pickaxe and they got the loot and destroyed the spawner, they went to the surface. They saw that the sapling has grown into a tree, and thus Lewis chopped the tree stump they left, hoping it will grow back. Simon planted the cacti and they went back underground and killed the remaining skeletons.

Characters AppearingEdit

Champions of Minecraftia:

  Xephos, Honeydew


"Survival Island" Part 3 Mushroom on toast14:54

"Survival Island" Part 3 Mushroom on toast

Memorable QuotesEdit

Lewis: "My texture pack makes it look like vomit."
Simon: "Lovely. Delicious vom- oh, not delicious vomit."

Lewis: "Look what nature has done!" (when sees the grown tree)

Simon: "I have four arrows on me."
Lewis: "I got shot again, somehow."
Simon: "I have three arrows on me."

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