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Swampy's Oasis
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A large area of vegetation in The Desert fenced off by walls of sandstone


Swampy Bogbeard (formal), Shiplord Hubert (temporary)

First Appearance

The Oasis

Last Appearance

The Oasis

Swampy's Oasis is an area in The Desert which is fenced off by high sandstone walls and contains a large patch of vegetation inside. It made it's first appearance in Episode 42. The Oasis belongs to Swampy Bogbeard.


Map 2

Swampy's Oasis as it appeared on map_2.

The oasis is a huge rectangular shape in The Desert surrounded by walls of sandstone. Inside, it contains a massive tree (possibly where Swampy Bogbeard takes residence). There is also a river leading to a lake and a wooden bridge. There are some mushrooms in shady areas and some giant trees. When our heroes first got to the Oasis, the trees were dead, the river was dried up and the ground cover was soul sand instead of dirt. Swampy was able to recover it by meditating on his tree.

Appearances Edit

Swampy's Oasis made it's first appearance in Episode 42. In the episode, our heroes, accompanied by Shiplord Hubert, in hopes of finding a healer, traverse the desert, searching for this mystical Oasis. When they reach the Oasis, it is surrounded by a sandstone wall. Much to their surprise the Oasis is burned and ruined, though it is unknown who burned it. The heroes protect Swampy while he unleashes his magic from on top of his tree, slowly restoring the Oasis to normal. Afterwards, the heroes depart with some of Swampy's healing herbs, to bring back to Webley, while Hubert stays behind to recover.

Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 10.04.41 PM

The second, much smaller Oasis.

A second, much smaller oasis has been spotted during Isabel's Tale.

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