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Swampy Bogbeard
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Swampy Bogbeard is a druid of Minecraftia. As a practitioner of the druidical arts, he is more attracted to nature magic, and is perfectly at home in the ruins of Mistral City (which he is in the process of transforming into a forest). His brother, Fumblemore, is a wizard, and prefers urban dwelling. Madame Nubescu sent Xephos and Honeydew to consult with Swampy about Karpath's Map. His attitude towards life is very much like the modern hippie attitude today. He went mad when Fumblemore "stole" a book from Swampy, but no further elaboration was made.

He seems significantly more competent at magic than his brother, even when stoned. He is capable of flight, and managed to decipher the location of the last three pieces of the map.

Swampy's first appearance is in Episode 17 where Honeydew and Xephos find him wandering around a waterfall encased with dirt. He attacks Honeydew on sight, stating "Get out of my forest!", implying that it belongs to him. His voice is said to be similar to 'Leo's' (This is probably referring to Leo from That 70's Show) and seems to be the same as 'Dillian' from the Yogscast's D&D sessions. Simon and Lewis also call him a hippie numerous times.

In Episode 18, Swampy reveals riddles to the whereabouts of the three pieces of Karpath's map:

"One is surrounded by cutlass and cannon." - Implying BBQ Bay

"One is held by a lord of the sky." - Likely implying Skylords Baako, Vitali or Amber at the time: As Baako directed them to the Control Room in Skyhold, it was assumed to be there, but instead they found a clue to the real location: inside the Turtle God.

"One is buried deep below bedrock... I see beards." - Implies Stoneholm, the captial of the Dwarves. This was confirmed once Spacker LeChuck mentioned a map fragment 'causing issues' in the city.

Later, after gaining another piece of the Map from BBQ Bay, he makes an odd comment, similar to one of Nubescu's prophecies; "Man in red, Man in blue, beneath (here?) you'll find the clue." After which, he could not even remember saying it. This most likely refers to finding Skylords Lysander and Jasper as Lysander had maps to both Stoneholm and Skyhold, both thought to be where the remaining pieces are.

Swampy does not make another appearance in Shadow of Israphel until Episode 42, where he was found in Swampy's Oasis, saddened by the disappearance of his plants. The trio of heroes (including Shiplord Hubert who only recently joined Xephos and Honeydew) helped him restore his plants by fighting off monsters whilst he meditated and talked to 'Mother Nature'. The heroes were awarded with a pipe for smoking Swampy's Healing Herb to cure Professor Webley's sickness. He stayed in the oasis, along with Hubert, to guard his plants.

Outside SoI seriesEdit

Swampy appeared in the Canopy of Carnage along with Fumblemore and helped Simon and Lewis retrieve some wool for their victory monument.


"Ruined the land!"

"Don't defile the land!"..."Man."

"Swampy, Awaaaaaaay!"

"My trees!"

"Creepers, RUINED THE LAND, man..."

"Farewell, don't defile the land! ...or I'll find you, and kill you!"


  • Lalna (Duncan) has uploaded "Swampy Visits" videos, showing Swampy on a drug trip and exploring areas in SoI. It includes vocals by Simon, and the AcidTrip and GLSL Shaders mods.
  • For unknown reasons, Duncan (or possibly another person with access to this account name) has changed Swampy's skin to that of Pirate Tinman.
  • Swampy appeared in Canopy of Carnage along with Fumblemore, which is confusing because Duncan plays as both characters in SoI. One of these must then be a substitute, however it's unknown which character was played by someone else, and who that substitute was.

Character PopularityEdit

In a poll that was held from January to February 2013 on this wiki with all Season 3 characters to choose from, Swampy Bogbeard was placed 7th overall with 140 votes out of 4412 votes.


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