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Welcome to Part 2 of Sips' and Sjin's Minecraft Adventure, in a land where death is permanent and one false move can end it all. Watch as Sips and Sjin battle for survival in a world that's out to get them!

In this episode we battle hunger and make plans for the future of Deep Space Nine.


After surviving the first night of their series Sips decides to build the platform out more, the two begin coming up with names for Deep Space Nine, Sjin suggests 'The Best Base' and 'Super Base Land' ; whilst Sips suggests 'Fort Excelsior', 'Fortress Zanidue', 'Super Good Base'.

Sips then discovers chickens, Sjin reveals that he likes his eggs at around 3AM just as he's in the middle of sleeping because its the only time he can truly enjoy them.

Sips then come up with the name 'Deep Space Nine'.

Sjin builds the both of them wooden swords so that they can go on a cow killing spree on Mootopia, Sips almost dies from starvation, Sjin later begins mining so that he can make an oven.

Sjin tells Sips that he needs protection, Sips suggests a loin clothe, they then notice that skeleton archers are on Mootopia so Sips suggests that they booby trap Mootopia, Sjin suggests a minefield.

They then begin discussing Sjin's sweaty loin clothe, Sjin tells Sips that the sweat is like the enamel on teeth and is a layer of protection however causes friction burns when he is running away however they then begin planning a mine for the next episode.


Minecraft - Episode 2 - Sweaty Leather22:21

Minecraft - Episode 2 - Sweaty Leather

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